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BMW M3 E36

BMW M3 E36
This is my only real mod for NFS:HS so far, a BMW E36 M3. It still needs some polishing (FCE custom settings need to be revised and it needs doorlines), but for the most part, it's done.
This project has been completed and is available for download!
Download now!

Additional Screenshots


Update #5 - 6 months ago

-Added preliminary damage
It will need some fiddling with sound files and more fiddling with damage, but it's basically done.

Update #4 - 6 months ago

-New wheels, polycount reduced from 11161 to 8368. Forgot to mention that in the previous update.

Update #3 - 6 months ago

-Added doorlines
It only needs damage now, maybe a few tweaks, and it's done. I hope to upload it this week.

Update #2 - 8 months ago

-More screenshots added

Update #1 - 8 months ago

-The FCE settings have been changed
Also, if you're willing to beta-test it, just send me a PM. And if you see any issues on the screenshots, please notify me.

Visitor Comments

MADMAN_nfs - 8 months ago
Looks good so far. Currently the project is on hold... how long have you worked on this? Is it a conversion or is it scratch built?
I see many details and 3d parts, whats the current polycount of the car?

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Tails - 8 months ago
It's on hold because I don't know whether I'll be able to work on it until next weekend. I actually released this in cca. April last year, but it has imperfections that I need to address. It's a conversion from NFS: Shift.

The polycount is 11161 faces (13176 verticles). Yes, it's a bit high, mostly because of the very high-poly wheels, but there is nothing I could've done to it without some 3D modelling skills, which I don't have.
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Geminiyo - 8 months ago
Can you or anybody or Madman specify the exact "looks" at (exactly from Bing Images), and post couple or several links? It wouldnt make harm to the project main page i guess. / From what - I see, its a neat car. / About faces and verticles:- I think than more than better. Creamy.
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Tails - 8 months ago
As you can see, it's almost done. It only needs doorlines, unless there are some flaws I have overlooked. Also, if you're willing to beta-test, just send me a PM.
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MADMAN_nfs - 6 months ago
Looks great. Impressive reduction of polycount. So it was the wheels that were so heavy?
Looking forward to release, sounds like the car is pretty much done :)
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Tails - 6 months ago
Yeah, the wheels were the heaviest, polycount-wise.

It is pretty much done, it only needs final testing and damage.
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Tails - 6 months ago
OK, the car is done apart from two issues. The first one, less important one, is front-end damage. That's something that could be done in 30 min to 1 h, and will be done as soon as possible.

The second, bigger issue is the sounds. The problem is, I don't have enough time to create custom sounds for it. Unfortunately, I'm simply too busy these days. That basically leaves me with two options: either use the current, Max911's GT4 sounds, or use EA's Z3 sounds. I'm not really happy with either of those options, however, due to lack of free time, I'm forced to chose between the two options. Could you guys help me make up my mind? Which option do you think is better? Is there any third option?
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AJ_Lethal - 6 months ago
^you can use the sounds from the DLC M Coupe / M Roadster
User Date
Tails - 6 months ago
Thanks for reminding me of that! I think I'll use those.
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