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Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - ModMenu

Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit - ModMenu

An External Overlay that offers many features and is made with ImGUI. The mod focuses on original game and is designed to work in Single player, Split-screen and Multiplayer.


- Collision Off: Only Multiplayer. For Single race, Knockout and Tournament

- Aircontrolling Car: Still have control of car even while in mid-air.

- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown: Don't lose speed while in mid-air. However, may differ depending on slope of the car.

- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown + Boost: Never lose speed while in mid-air. Always gain speed while in mid-air, doing the opposite of losing speed in game's original behavior. Boost effect doesn't work for second player in split-screen.

- Unlock Replay Cameras: Replay cameras during in-race.

- Bullhorn: It's mostly for multiplayer use. For now it may randomly crash the game.

- Collision recovery +: Collision power is increased by 2.5x. Alternative to collision recovery

- Chase Mode: Similar to Chase cheat in NFS 2 SE. For Single player only

- Instant Tricks (Instant Steering, Instant Acceleration, Instant Braking)

- Randomizer: Player numbers (Up to 16 players depending on game-modes and types), cars, colors and grid positions. Incompatible for knockouts and tournaments.

- AI Personality (Ace)

- Game Physics: PSX-Style. Has pretty similar physics to Playstation version of the game. Only for Single Player and Split-screen

- Location: 8 + 1 (With hidden track slot)

- Lap: Odd numbers included

- Cheats

- Driving Assists

- Multiplayer game sync: Synchronize cars for Unlocked and Randomizer races.

———Menu Features———

- Full mouse support

- In-game mouse fix: To prevent accidental clicks while in Mod menu

- Font size (Dynamically adjustable) and Arial font

- Can be toggle with HOME button

- Separate menus for Welcome, Single player/Host and Client.

- Current Status: Changes of game in real time

- Player Info: Status of 16 players in real time. Can be toggle with END button

We can say that almost done for releasing the first version of the mod. There are still stuffs to be done. I publish/show updates on YouTube. You can watch everything that has been made with menu so far on my channel:

- (v0.1)

- (v0.2)

- (v0.3)

Note: Many features may be change, differ or late until the mod is released.

Edit: Released. you can download here:


- Multiplayer Game Synchronization: qq72

- Multiplayer Testing: TsTg, Jericho

- Physics and Tweaks: Jericho, Meteor

- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown + Boost: TsTg

- Powered by ImGUI

- Made by Jericho

Special thanks to TsTg who helped me a lot.

Additional Screenshots


Update #2 - 4 months ago

- Released. you can download here:

Update #1 - 6 months ago

v.0.3.1 notes:
- Added instant tricks for player 2 in split screen. Issue with not clicking boxes when player 1's collapsing header is opened. If closed, can be clicked.
- PSX Style Physics: Fixed bad handling issue in reverse gear.
- Eliminate Airborne Slowdown + boost: Fixed issue causing desnyc in multiplayer.
- More optimization

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