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Off-Topic Discussion / ...
« on: Mar 31, 2020, 6:17 PM »
have a good rest the week. yup :} be safe an happy... I like good music to many kinds besides Country. hmm not really into much Rap songs.  cya . 8)

Editing Projects / Blue an Back polyps in T3Ed Q's
« on: Feb 25, 2020, 4:54 PM »
Hello this Sunday, example last night doing more on my Empire Mod trying fix it up more. added 2 more roads not completed yet to much go do! )
can any one, tell me what this pic means. is like about a track block of 12 row polys, ? an that's the last one on the block bunch?
like that. well I never delete that. I fused it with this other block or same block area.
I was able to fix the steep short hill more, it's just a pita ) guys. cause shirt very steep shortcut.
an works better. now.
I wanted redo whole thing.. so much work over kill on me.
cause I'm doing other nicer fixs I like more. also that tunnel area I have repaired how trucks tip over in that area best I could. was from a bad move 3 yrs ago, on copying a track block I don't do anymore. try to.
so. tell me what my pic means on attachment. I'm hoping to Fix a small problem again from New Road last night not this big one. I taste Failed, hard works. I mean not back to main menu. so I'm.back tracking this issue. of last night's debocle. it's fine but, I want it fixed an then back up made an saved. I ran my fix errors windows before shut down also to help..
that's my update. cya  ^-^

Hi there, well I want ask you good people that know, the editor what are the names, or diffrences in T3ed track editor.
about, the Blue polys that are made from buildings, or other things, that are joined with The more solid Black polys. Ugh.. Rite. roads.

The black ones can be driving on...the Blue ones Can't I only learned this like 4-5 yrs ago.

Well, what are the functions guys? about these, blue polys..? I know when you copy them there in a Whole. an you drag them to build things an are not
Drivable only black ones are. phew*
can you tell me why it's like that. it took me along time,,, to learn how to Edit tracks very good ) an other things how it works in game etc. I'm not any Master of it. I wished if others know, how do other things.... in editing to let me know.... it be very helpful. to be Honest but seems like example-NfsFan84? never wanted to tell me some of his tricks? on ways to Edit. so was a bummer ( but, I forgive him.

ok, just try to let me know, why blue polys, are joined with black one's..? if you can't drive on them as passable inside of Road flags. ..
that I know about.

well, I'm sleepy now an got to go. ) from editing...
just try to give any more pointers if you can good night an day. ttul

edited. to bad I can't fix my typo word 'Poly' on the Topic: line ( the older forum board. you could do this. I'm on mobile tho. any way you fix that Mike or Remko

General NFS / My Mod
« on: Aug 20, 2018, 8:28 AM »
Hi how you doing today?  :) I'm using this site for my pic's you know is there anyway i can upload my NFS-UG'2 Mod i Finished up on this am time.
I Try to add my Mod.Ace file it won't work to upload there, do you know were, i can upload my Mod to?
to share it etc.


Well, Remko told me the Script need's more work here to add/Upload it here so i was bummed out about it..  :-[

But,Tails_v16 NFS UG'1 Cars mods,seem to be making it up here.
So I'm kinda Confused about all this Script things, now day's. ttul?

Hope it get any better today...  8)

General NFS / UG'2 Mod Car's
« on: Jul 27, 2018, 7:44 AM »
Hi there well,this post is about do you think the wheels are correctly lined up?

I just got it last nite  8)

So AJ_L an anybody else can reply.

Does Wide body kit's when the wheels get spread out more-
does it get better Handling, at all? you think.
I Like that Gold paint better on this like you had to.

Off-Topic Discussion / Folder View probs
« on: Jun 09, 2018, 1:44 PM »
Hi on Windows 7 , well I changed  something some place, an not remembering, how I did this Hassel  :) I want to view my track textures nfs4 BMPs an they won't just show no longer, how do I make my folder show my BMPs, pics I tried turning on Preview it still no longer works, it just makes, my task harder, on changing a few TeX's, I call them.

What can I do to get this working again, inside of Control panel,at all?
Um, k have a well Saturday night here.n
So..hoping for a Sooner Reply. Disappoint's me how I can't fix this Preview.

General NFS / MW Chat's
« on: May 05, 2018, 7:50 PM »
There well, in my attachment pic below. Is this Biggest Bridge in the Back ground.
This is by Rockport Rite? an Ocean Hills Area? I can never seem to find this Bridge at all?  :(
Is this just a Texture, or is it Real to ever drive on? Ever

I also found that "End of the World Road" that leads off the World map.
It's pretty Funny that Broken Bridge Jump , it was cool well single road?
Anyways, in Black edition, is this Big Bridge in game or not?  ???
Pic Below for logged in users. 
I Installed that Great oh Buick Car tonight  8)

General NFS / MW Install Issues (
« on: Apr 15, 2018, 8:37 AM »
well all I'm doing on Windows 7, here is trying to Install my MW-Black edition.
I Installled a new Video card,few months ago Nvidia kind an it use's Direct`X 11
an a Friend on here Linked me DX 9 directx_Jun2010_redist.exe
that has installed an the game still keeps saying this, an won't install at all..
Not a very good because of this. Not all sure what to do with it now.  :-\

General NFS / .
« on: Mar 28, 2018, 4:26 PM »
Hi ok see I Downloaded 'SnakeCobra' La'Nina Car an just Tried to Install it Tonight. But No Go?  :o  ::)

What Serial # Does the Car Use by EA's Default? See by my Pics Below I have not the Car in game?
I Just have the Pursuit Car of it. So I'm Kinda Freaked out some now.
I Must have taken the Changed it for another, I'm Gussing its #41 or #12 Serial # am I close at all?
I Just Installed AJ's SFX Mod no chance test it out yet.  8)
Busy on this now. an Now im back on my PC from distraction's at home.
Like to know..ok have a well night here.  ???

Off-Topic Discussion / Today's fixes
« on: Mar 06, 2018, 11:04 AM »
Hey, I had a feeling since I learned a little more from you guys this winter  :D
I went into my Colin McRae 05 game found some Texture files to play with was kinda funny tho.
I changed the loading Screen I put Carbon one on there I just got on here,so
Just was funny to me  ;) an  8)

Also I changed that Dirty murky Stream lake water they had to bluer, but I didn't over do it. So I try get some pics below later.
I just don't have an pics upload site to use on Mobile or know how to make it work very Great the dang,links.
Anyway, Winter Returning here again,not my cup of Tea much. Was dry for few weeks almost.

Was a fun hack, today

 edited part

AJ, guess what it said, pc it wasn't going to open up the
This Config tool wasn't a big error screen, then I closed it An the
Editor opened up, No freezing, was Great.!!

So my pics below tell the Rest. I'm just glad I had a better,day today than the last 2
I Colored the Lake here more, nicer atleast.)
From all of that I still need to Study these programs more,I think I can find the Time learn them more
Would be . 8)

General NFS / .
« on: Feb 28, 2018, 11:46 AM »
Hi I can never seem, to ever enjoy the Newer NFS Games, because after its all setup,in there my Xbox 360 game controller, seems to always frits?(
Inside the game NFS UG'2 an Carbon, does this, it all starts spinning an won't stop, I'm talking about the tabs, in game....
Keep moving fast to left or Right?.... ... Won't stop what causes, this big Hassel  ::)
I'm just missed, now Ok., I'm in UG'2 now offline,always an what does Hydraulics do lower the car an Raise it up, never seen this, yet it's because I have not enough buttons, on Controllers, to see it? I'm not using Keyboard,at all, I try any of the Secondary,  buttons but they won't work, can you mix keyboard,with controller,in there?

This Stupid,spinning, stuff, it's like why.. 
 disappointed today, I'm on Windows 7 also do any of you,use compatibility mode? in the exe. Properties, at all does it help any? At all I have mine on XP pack 3, does that help at all?

Just trying to ever enjoy my Darn, game if I ever can, if it ever let me,so Far not. A lot  Running game from Hard drive only.

Also I can't  find the Save game Directory at all on my Windows it's not, in my Documents at all.
Do you know were it's Located at?

Ok,I redid the buttons,again spinning stopped,for now.
Well Hopefully I get a good reply on this.
Rite.... ..

Well, looks like I need to get a bigger kind
Of Controller for this... an that Spin won't seem to stop.
Its a pretty game inside. But, no go for me (
Might have to just uninstall the thing.

Editing Projects / .
« on: Oct 24, 2017, 9:16 AM »

Off-Topic Discussion / I'm Hoping he's alright..?
« on: Oct 09, 2017, 6:04 PM »
I seen some TV,news tonight at a friend's place. It Showed Puerto Rico, had a Huge bad Hurricane an the Grid Power is out.  :-[
I'm Really  hoping AJ_Lethal is alright cause I like his Cars much! Ttul (

Hardware, Software & Technology / My Grafics in Nfs'4hs
« on: May 24, 2017, 1:19 PM »
Hi the pic I have on Attachment,  is was end my Race crash cause I made it do that Spin off my Jump. ? :o  ^-^ I'm asking you Grafics,guys why does my Dust or, Exhaust smoke, make this Blue Transparency things,, happen..?  :( what can I do in my Video card Settings, to make it look better,than this.? Really want it to look better, you know thanks for reading.

The pic was darker, so I had to brighten, it up some...

Editing Projects / T3ED problem...
« on: Apr 13, 2017, 7:30 PM »
Hi I got a Major problem in T3ED Ver.3.08, I like to use.. more for poly, an Object works. When I load Track View, it's all White, Empty, after Qfs-, files loads. On EA's, cause I have a new kinda, updated Nivida GT 710 Video card. installed, what happen, with this..? An I just found it all out tonight.. :(  how can this be fixed.. ever. I may be using DirectX 11 by now? but never wanted to. Just like to know if this can ever be fixed, for the New project start,I wanted to do.... but not likely like this, need to see what I'm doing would help... rite ::)   >:(  :-\

General NFS / Game Saves
« on: Apr 05, 2017, 6:25 PM »
Hi I need to say,I Got NFS Carbon, pc only CD online an, new at a Reasonable, cost. When I try Downloading, a any Game Saves, an put them inside my Documents, in Carbon folder. They never Work  ::). When I get in game it says it's no good, or Corrupted, I just wanted to be able to see more cars,an more of all the City's there.

So can you lead me to a good working game save,.none, work from this site. Listen I'm not joking, around, I just want, get to see other things, tonight tomorrow, please link me what to do?, best Regards here.

I still like to do, NfsHS.
There's, to much going on this week, for me...
an I just want my Area,,, to be more Calmer... An it is from me. )

 But hope you can up here, I'm using Ver.1.4 Exe, start run the game, not online ever with it.
 Lol here is my Box came in Ttul.

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