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Off-Topic Discussion / ...
« on: Mar 31, 2020, 6:17 PM »
have a good rest the week. yup :} be safe an happy... I like good music to many kinds besides Country. hmm not really into much Rap songs.  cya . 8)

Help/F.A.Q / Re: Change ID on locked VIVs
« on: Mar 30, 2020, 6:04 AM »
G morning here, DrSpeed ) I'm asking will I be able to copy an paste your figures in HxD I just happen to get that one last night to )
I don't want Crash out my pc (
doing this.

Bud, DrSpeed man ) I also just found out I use up an down arrow to chsnge figures,

backspace is no good messes up the Line.
the Hex is a major Matrix movie thing so I'm not real good at this can you teach what other things I can change with the HxD how do I save, I just hit save the file was all. thanks Dr.Speed for giving me something to do on the Forum board this Week 😎
this Countach has nice rims spin an Great tires . didn't Yuiry Antipitin, make a car just like this?

Help/F.A.Q / Re: Change ID on locked VIVs
« on: Mar 29, 2020, 3:04 PM »
Hi bud DrSpeed )

We're I find the Hex editor maybe not a bright Q.
I like that car to. so you can open it in.

afterwards ok

how you been an all. can you the unlocked car viv please link me that I be happy about it.

I don't have the hex progy.
it be cool if you could.
just for personal use. ttul :} DrSpeed

Help/F.A.Q / Re: Change ID on locked VIVs
« on: Mar 29, 2020, 10:58 AM »
Hi dude I think looks like an old 18 yrs open can of worms, topic?.. no worries.

an I used Viv magic it said it extracted the viv but, didn't give me the location of were they went :P
These locked cars, from 02 was by a good hacker! guy? an it's like, That Secret Recipe in the 'Chicken in the bucket' like Not knowing what it was so. the missing element, we don't have. like Richard Pryor said, in the way older, Superman movie. )

I like this Mod to looks great an all not sure if I will install it ever or not?

Hoping the file will ever get Cracked open. to change the game class, carp txt things, an lights, colors, for it. for personal fun use. is what I do only cya.

Help/F.A.Q / Re: Change ID on locked VIVs
« on: Mar 28, 2020, 9:18 AM »
hi again there, therealdadbeard
your not stating, what game your talking about.

I never seen any locked car vivs in nfs3 or 4.
also there is Viv magic? like that was made for nfs6 opens locked vivs. then you just have to Rebuild your car viv.
when extracted to were you put it. default to.
then use NfsWizard Template area make a new viv out your Extracted file save copy over Done. try be nicer like me. bye.
Ps. are you a Bot or real guy?

hi there what game Nfs3 or 4?
also the oldest cool program is called: By Nfs Wizard. get that that opens Car.viv files in Data/cars/an Pursuits/car vivs.

also get the Serial number lister, a small program shows you if you not having any Duplicate cars #'s, an so your game won't Crash on you. also there is a list some place that tells all cars in game serial #'s so you can separate your add-on cars from the Default games cars.
so I hope I helped you any newbie? therealdadbeard
cya around here.  ;) maybe ^-^

Editing Projects / Blue an Back polyps in T3Ed Q's
« on: Feb 25, 2020, 4:54 PM »
Hello this Sunday, example last night doing more on my Empire Mod trying fix it up more. added 2 more roads not completed yet to much go do! )
can any one, tell me what this pic means. is like about a track block of 12 row polys, ? an that's the last one on the block bunch?
like that. well I never delete that. I fused it with this other block or same block area.
I was able to fix the steep short hill more, it's just a pita ) guys. cause shirt very steep shortcut.
an works better. now.
I wanted redo whole thing.. so much work over kill on me.
cause I'm doing other nicer fixs I like more. also that tunnel area I have repaired how trucks tip over in that area best I could. was from a bad move 3 yrs ago, on copying a track block I don't do anymore. try to.
so. tell me what my pic means on attachment. I'm hoping to Fix a small problem again from New Road last night not this big one. I taste Failed, hard works. I mean not back to main menu. so I'm.back tracking this issue. of last night's debocle. it's fine but, I want it fixed an then back up made an saved. I ran my fix errors windows before shut down also to help..
that's my update. cya  ^-^

Hi there, well I want ask you good people that know, the editor what are the names, or diffrences in T3ed track editor.
about, the Blue polys that are made from buildings, or other things, that are joined with The more solid Black polys. Ugh.. Rite. roads.

The black ones can be driving on...the Blue ones Can't I only learned this like 4-5 yrs ago.

Well, what are the functions guys? about these, blue polys..? I know when you copy them there in a Whole. an you drag them to build things an are not
Drivable only black ones are. phew*
can you tell me why it's like that. it took me along time,,, to learn how to Edit tracks very good ) an other things how it works in game etc. I'm not any Master of it. I wished if others know, how do other things.... in editing to let me know.... it be very helpful. to be Honest but seems like example-NfsFan84? never wanted to tell me some of his tricks? on ways to Edit. so was a bummer ( but, I forgive him.

ok, just try to let me know, why blue polys, are joined with black one's..? if you can't drive on them as passable inside of Road flags. ..
that I know about.

well, I'm sleepy now an got to go. ) from editing...
just try to give any more pointers if you can good night an day. ttul

edited. to bad I can't fix my typo word 'Poly' on the Topic: line ( the older forum board. you could do this. I'm on mobile tho. any way you fix that Mike or Remko

Very cool model. looks Sweet an good luck on it. :)

Editing Projects / Re: Again, working on the El Nino.
« on: Nov 03, 2018, 7:18 PM »
Hi there an all... Weird huh..?feeling that much,,, but, not Staying there. EL lover, I installed the Nfs4 high poly one don't remember the Author now.
Was a Great! Fun looking Replica of what you doing.

And ah, looks very Complicated, with this program never seen it before... So your doing good with it then?
Anymore pics next week? )

Anyway , Really like ntresting...

General NFS / Re: Texture Mods
« on: Oct 25, 2018, 10:14 AM »
Hi there new member, what all did you change in your, MW Mod um, Sounds good anyways,an how big is the Rar File or Zip when you upload it? Cause the upload script, has some Limitations I heard..? I like to try an do more this Winter to if I find the time an Conditions... Good luck too LRF Modder  8)  ^-^

NFSAddons Errors & Bugs / Re: NFSAddons Redesign comments
« on: Sep 30, 2018, 1:33 PM »
Great Find there AJ Bud, :D yeah... No more post. That make it a we-bit. Boring rite. ;)
Long.. Week ahead Tmi'. Here
Cya then good Job Mike to )

NFSAddons Errors & Bugs / Re: NFSAddons Redesign comments
« on: Sep 17, 2018, 5:47 PM »
I'm on Mobile now,using Chrome instead of Outlook E? My phone is broken an kinda, Junky . yes @ Remko I think the Site's Lay out an Look us Super Sharp! Now Since mike Flipped that,other switch? An its working really well an loading all things,files now. So forgive me for Freaking out this am. As we can do lol. But, I try not doing.. Thanks for getting my Big Mod up on the Site to! Was Great an made my Monday. I try make a better, one this Winter possibly. yikes so yes, much easier to see Car files, an History an all that.  Just have to Train myself to use the new ReVamp more, is all.
Cheers you guys Strong Coffee...

Hi Keiiko i'm on Chrome getting about the same as you,Atleast i can see the Full banner above...

It won't Load any thing else for me.  :-\  It's a Shame...Monday.
I guess i stay Quite for now i'm on my Pc well.
I have chores to do anyways. Have a Better week all.  ^-^
hopefully we can se other parts of the Site this week?

NFSAddons Errors & Bugs / Re: NFSAddons Redesign comments
« on: Sep 17, 2018, 4:40 AM »
Good morning, here hi it Looks nice an all. Well, when I'm on Android it's hard to Navigate around, I haven't seen any Uploads at all as,yet..( or any Screen shots of the day, because the top Right side of page is all Dark won't load on my Thing... So I try an have more Patients, with all my Disappointments. From all the Work I did yesterday.. Well so did others. Looks Nice tho Mike :}

I get this error when I try too look at anything else says To many In directs?

NFSAddons Errors & Bugs / Re: Download Problem
« on: Sep 16, 2018, 11:03 AM »
I have to agree...  :D  8)

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