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Screen Filter Remover

Screen Filter Remover
Added On August 27, 2019
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Need For Speed: World SBRW
Screen Filter Remover
by TerraSphere_385


The mod is already updated as of August 28, 2019. I posted my mod in a hurry and never bothered to check for any mishaps. A lot of unnecessary stuff were included in the mod when I posted it.

The junk is now removed and can be installed without causing any further problems. I deeply apologize for my mistake.

You may now download the mod. :-)

Hey, guys!

I was just messing around NFS-VLTEd when I came across some values that seemed suspicious. I removed these values and it turns out it was the filter for the game, and removing it was a really good choice. I seriously still can't figure out why EA released the game with those murky filters.

I won't bore you guys with too much details, just install it with NFS-VLTEd and play the game. It's a small mod, but I hope you guys enjoy playing NFS:World with this.

Let's make NFS:World great again!


- Removed black filter for the entire game (This was the main reason why NFS:World looked terrible)
- Removed pursuit red and blue filter
- Removed green treasure hunter filter


Open NFS World on your VLT-Ed. Click File > Import > ModScript and browse for the file. Install it and save.

If you're playing on SBRW, copy the following files to your MODS\worldonline\GLOBAL folder:




Right click on the three files and open Properties. Set them as Read-Only, and hit Apply.

You may now play the game without the filters. :-)


NFS-VltEd v4.6 by nfsu360

NFS Modding Community

Final Remarks:

You may now post my mods in other sites without my permission. However, kindly credit me for the work, no matter how miniscule this mod is.

It helps a lot in maintaining the modding community's sense of camaraderie. Hopefully, with enough time and effort, more talented people will be inspired by the community to join us in modding NFS. More talented people means more mods. More mods means better mod quality and more fun time.

To all the people who graduated from NFS modding, thank you for your hardwork. To all of you who are now working at game companies, congratulations! I'm really glad your time and skills were of value to your personal life. Your creations inspire us, even to this day.

- TerraSphere_385

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