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MikeSeptember 24, 2018

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Redrock Ridge vinyl for Mitsubishi Eclipse

Redrock Ridge vinyl for Mitsubishi Eclipse
Tool by Tails_16v
Type of mod: Vinyl
Type of vinyl: Redrock Ridge vinyl for Mitsubishi Eclipse
Known bugs: The vinyl shows incorrectly on some rear bumpers.

How to install the mod:
1. Back up all original files!
2. Download NFS-TexEd-0.9.1 and replace textures #154 and #272 in CARS\ECLIPSE\VINYLS.bin with those from package.
3. Open the game and enjoy your new cop car!

Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but not upload any part of this mod.

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Visitor Comments

WiLL - 5 months ago

Hi Tails, so is this skin about, like Nfs'4 Redrock Ridge? Look nice anyways )

Tails - 5 months ago

Well, actually, in NFS4 the Redrock Ridge pursuit cars had a pretty generic black-and-white scheme, while NFS3 had those grey-an-blue scheme with golden stripes on the sides, modelled after an Eagle Talon from a 90's TV show called Viper.

But yeah, it's a nostalgic NFS vinyl, that's what it's about.

WiLL - 5 months ago

Sure... :) I haven't did any Nfs'3 in about 10 years, now so hard to Remember there cop paint looks. Bud, so did you test out my,UG'2 Track mod at all. I know it could have looked, better! (Off topic) excuse,that, But, you like it at all? Well, see it was hard- to pin- Point, were,all textures laid, like I wanted more Steel-Chome poles for Light poles, an some didn't land there :( anyways, have agood DAT Bro Tails ttul looking forward to any more car mods, for ug'2 in the near future... :]

WiLL - 5 months ago

Ugh, Day cya

Tails - 5 months ago

Sorry, I didn't have enough time to check your mod, I'll do it when I'll have a bit more free time. ;) It looks good judging from the screenshots.

Remko - 5 months ago

That's a pretty cool nfs3 reference. :)

Tails - 5 months ago

Thanks! :)

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