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Need for Speed Underground 2 Downloads

Acura Integra Type-R [Add-On]

Acura Integra Type-R [Add-On]
Added On January 11, 2024
Views 2,438
Downloads 277
Version Underground 2
Brand Acura
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9.2/10 - 6 votes
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File updated on: January 18, 2024


This car replaces None (Addon car)

Converted from UG1 and using Civic and Prostreet parts


• 25 Front Bumpers

• 25 Rear Bumpers

• 25 Skirts

• 23 Hood Parts

• Roof Scoop

• Spoilers (5 UG1 Extras)

• 14 Headlights

• 14 Taillights

• Wheels (2 Additional)

• 3 Wide Body

• Vinyls

• Decals

• Neon Underglow

• Neon Engine

• Neon Trunk

• Cabin Neon

• Windshield Tint

• 3 Trunk Layout

• 5 Hood Splits

• 2 Doors Style

Minor errors

If you have Olympic Imports installed in the game, the mod installer will give you an error that the car unlock condition already exists.


1. Run Binary as admin and go to the left "User Mode" window.

2. Select the "Installer.end" file, look for the directory where the game is installed and click on it.

3. Select the first tab that says "Install Acura Integra Type-R [Add-on]" and click on it.

4. And once it has been installed correctly, click Save.

5. Run the game and a new Profile should be created and that's it.


• Binary 2.8.3

• NFSU2 Unlimiter

• NFSU2 Car Sound Tuner


AJ_Lethal - Parts Animation Tutorial and Installation Template.


Black Box - Integra, TT & Civic Mesh.

MaxHwoy - Binary 2.8.3.

nfsu360 - NFS CarToolkit.

Nlgxzef - NFSU2 Unlimiter.

ZModeler 2.2.6


  • Version 1.0.6 uploaded January 18, 2024

    NFS2019 uploaded a new version. The new file is 38.45 MB.

    -Fixed the rotation of the roof scoop marking, so that it fits with the roof mesh
  • Version 1.0.5 uploaded January 15, 2024

    NFS2019 uploaded a new version. The new file is 38.45 MB.

    -Fixed a detail on the "Overdrive" front bumper grilles.
  • Initial version uploaded January 11, 2024

    NFS2019 uploaded initial version. The original file is 38.45 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • asmb99 - 1 month ago
    User Date
    NFS201930 days ago
    Man. Thx a lot for this. Is it possible to do the same thing for the NSX, S2000, etc?
    edited by asmb99 30 days ago
    • NFS2019 - 30 days ago
      User Date
      asmb9927 days ago
      thx, for now I'm making a fully customizable mod for the S2000
    • asmb99 - 27 days ago
      User Date
      NFS201927 days ago
      Very nice!

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