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kickStart NFSU Netplay Launcher

kickStart NFSU Netplay Launcher
Added On April 20, 2023
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File updated on: May 24, 2023

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It's a user-friendly frontend to play NFS Underground on a game server: just select one, start the game, and go play online. That's basically it, but there are some useful features built-in: check ping and firewall rules, manage bookmarks, enable ghost mode, and links to more information regarding multiplayer.



Instead of a message about already running, it will just bring the main window in front. Play time is shown when game is started and notifications will reactivate after session is over. Starting game by holding Shift will keep notifications activated (for offline session). Start button will bring the game to front if it's already running, to avoid multiple instances. Hotkey AltGr+K (only if close to tray is enabled) will make mouse pointer visible which makes it a very good alternative to Alt+Tab. Making screenshots with F10 now has accustical feedback. Users online on favorite servers do now have a timeout of 5 minutes, so that players in a race won't disappear all of a sudden. Also, lots of bugs have been fixed and a few minor cosmetics have been done.


Additional files are now outsourced to subfolder "files". Server Changer script mod is now default to configure the game server via INI file. In-game music playlist can also be edited. There is a GUI to remove, install, and configure ASI plugins like Widescreen Fix. New options are available to start minimized, startup with Windows, close to the tray, and add a shortcut to the desktop. Custom servers can be favorited for monitoring. Get notified about online users on favorites with visual and acoustic signals, and use custom MP3 files. New user game files management: easily import 100% savegames. Create a new profile for that and even change TJ's unique upgrades for the underground car on the fly. New hotkeys are available: take screenshots with F10, access more info with F1. There are also some new graphics and a new theme.


Widescreen Fix is now integrated, allowing installation and configuration via a graphical interface.

The official server was shut down by EA back in 2006. However, it's possible to play online again as there is server software available that emulates the official one:

kickStart, the netplay launcher, is preparing a list of such servers and also checks if they are online. You can simply create an account on each server; just use a fake email for that, it doesn't matter at all.

Except for the ASI script mods, this software is fully compatible with Windows XP, making it usable on retro PCs.


  • Version 1.3 uploaded May 24, 2023

    Redhair uploaded a new version. The new file is 11.91 MB.

    - Better approaches to avoid multiple instances of tool and game
    - Notifications will be enabled again after playing
    - Hotkey AltGr+K has become an alternative to Alt+Tab
    - Sound effect when making a screenshot
    - Buffered display of users online on a favorited server to avoid sudden drops when a race starts
    - Bug fixes, code optimization and minor cosmetics
  • Version 1.2 uploaded May 21, 2023

    Redhair uploaded a new version. The new file is 11.87 MB.

    - Additional files outsourced to subfolder
    - New server change method via INI file + trax playlist editor
    - GUI to install, remove and configure script mods
    - New options to start minimized, close to tray, startup with windows, icon to desktop
    - Custom server favorites, monitoring and notification system
    - User game files management with 100% savegame import and unique upgrades editor
    - New graphics and theme
    - Hotkeys for screenshot and more...
  • Version 1.1 uploaded April 26, 2023

    Redhair uploaded a new version. The new file is 8.75 MB.

    WideScreenfix integrated, can be installed and configured via GUI
  • Initial version uploaded April 20, 2023

    Redhair uploaded initial version. The original file is 3.59 MB.

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