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NFS-TexEd 1.1

NFS-TexEd 1.1

NFS-TexEd - it is a texture extractor, importer and viewer.

The following games are supported:

- Need For Speed: Underground

- Need For Speed: Underground 2

- Need For Speed: Most Wanted (PC and read only XBox360)

- Need For Speed: Carbon

- Need For Speed: ProStreet

- Need For Speed: Undercover

- Need For Speed: World Online

New features and fixes in Beta 1.1:

  • NFS Most Wanted - added support of XBox360 version (read only)
  • now it is possible to import textures with higher resolution for all files (for example FrontB.lzc) except STREAM.
  • supports files created by all NFS-Texture Compilers
  • improving the P8 format support
  • automatic texture conversion supports both colour spaces: RGB and SRGB. Previously SRGB causes the following error: "Failed to decompress the texture. Error code: 0x80070057"
  • exporting texture files with the same name will not overwrite existing files. Suffix will be added as follows: example (1).dds, example (2).dds
  • cache file (.texed_cache) will be no longer recreated after modification of STREAM file
  • the application window was not visible due to incorrect settings
  • importing textures with a different resolution caused the game to crash
  • game will no longer crash after modification of DYNTEX.BIN file, except NFS Underground
  • no flickering when resizing the texture preview
  • the app will not crash when you open not supported file
  • many minor fixes and improvements

Known bugs:

  • the tool doesn't support STREAML2RA.BUN from XBox360 version of NFS Most Wanted

Please ensure you backup all the files you edit before saving them.

Some Rights Reserved. Release / distribute as you wish, as long as no modifications are made to any part of this package without prior permission, and you don't profit from any such distribution.

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WiLL - 9 months ago

Looks Nicer, 193 megs, then?

I need to try Score this!

Then :) for the future.

Thanks Mike

No worries

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Mike - 9 months ago
193 KB, not mb. So it's small!
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