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Scrap Studio & ARP filter

Scrap Studio & ARP filter
Added On January 7, 2023
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Scrap studio can edit NFS5 .CRP files

Scrap Studio exports car parts as .ARP files

Using the ARP filter you can import the files that Scrap Studio exports into Zmodeler 1.07b (not included)

Visitor Comments

  • bug110 - 20 days ago
    User Date
    Remko20 days ago
    dandresden20 days ago
    Paul Spain18 days ago

    i spent AGES looking for this.. so i uploaded this to NFSA to save the time of others

    context: this tool was released by Arushan in 2004 to a group of beta testers and Arushan hasnt publicly uploaded it anywhere, so i had to search for people who still have it in orded to find this..
    have fun!

    edited by bug110 20 days ago
    • Paul Spain - 18 days ago
      User Date
      So is this what you use to convert NFS Porsche Unleashed vehicles to NFS HighStakes?
    • bug110 - 18 days ago
      User Date

      lol, not necessarally, but a pretty convenient way of doing it compared to Olegs zmod import filter (there are multiple ways)

      PS: this tool was made for nfs5 car mods, not exporting

      edited by bug110 18 days ago

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