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NFS MW Modern Blacklist V1.3

NFS MW Modern Blacklist V1.3
Added On May 24, 2023
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New Modern Blacklist V1.3

Mod Showcase :

Update doesn't Need Old Version Files

Changelog :

Career Startup with New Limits Cars BMW & Mustang But only in The Startup you need to buy it later from Carlot

& Upgrade it

2014 BMW M4 (New Limits) Mod By Eclipse72Rus :

New Porsche 2017 Caymans S For BL # 10 Mod By Eclipse72Rus :

New Lexus IS350 For BL # 14 By Eclipse72Rus :

New Dodge Viper GTS BL # 4 Vinyls

New BL # 8 Mustang Bodykit

Fixed BL #6 Intro Scene

Fixed BL #10 Intro Scene

Modern Blacklist V1,2

Update include new Car + Fixes

# 4 JV Viper GTS mod By Eclipse72Rus :

New Porsche 911 1975 (930 Turbo) Widomaker Performance Update

New Corvette C8R Replace C6R

Changed Silvia , Supra , Bmw Car sound

Change Z370 Car height

Changed #9 Earl Bodykit

Changed #2 Bull Car Color , Added Roof for the Car

V1.0 :

Download Link :

New Modern Blacklist Cars Using Mod Loader on New Graphics From Rework Mod

from Discord's Channel :

Mods Used in this Collection

# 16 Rog Camaro Mod By LM1992 :

# 15 Sunny Golf Mod By Eevee :

# 14 Taz Silvia Mod By Luck[XR]tm :

# 13 Vic Supra Mod By Thunderdrift :

# 12 Izzy RX8 Mod By : (old Link Dead Cant find the Author) T.T Sorry

# 11 Lou 370z Mod By Aileron :

# 10 Baron Cayman Mod By EllisRacing :

# 9 Earl Evo X MR Mod by Eclipse72Rus :

# 8 Jewels Mustang Mod By GadoDark :

# 7 Kaze C63 Mod By LM1992 :

# 6 Ming Gallardo Mod By LM1992, LeZees :

# 5 Webster Corvette c7 Mod By ?? : (old Link Dead Cant find the Author) T.T Sorry

# 3 Ronnie AMG Mod By Corvettez06 :

# 2 Bull Mansory SLR Mod By jeevanlee :

# 1 Razor BMW M4 DTM Mod By LM1992, LeZees :

Mustang Mod By GadoDark :

Extra Cars

1982 Porsche 911 Turbo 3.3 By Eevee :

this Car is My Goat Car I love this one so much that I hope one day i Could Buy one

there are more cars Cant find their original web links are down Hope You like this mod

Installation: 1- Just Copy Archive into Original NFS MW V 1.3 Folder and Replace

2- Delete your Old Save Game from NFS MW folder In Documents

3- Open Scripts/NFSMWExtraOptionsSettings.ini & Change UnlockAllThings = 1 from 1 to 0 if you want to play & unlock Cars By Yourself

Change SelectableMarkerCount = 6 from 6 to 2 If you want to Try Your luck after Beating Blacklist Racer

but if you want all the Upgrades Leave it at 6

BUGS !!!

Z370 Vinyl is Permanent on Bodykit

C63 Vinyl is Permanent on Bodykit

the Game may crash for the first Time only

Visitor Comments

  • EvoX - 4 days ago
    User Date
    youChuza4 days ago

    Again I have to ask you if this one is a separate install or not. Sorry for asking so much)

    Pretty cool addition. Nice and modern. Waiting for your Hypercar mod, too. It didn't load well with me, unfortunately.

    • youChuza - 4 days ago
      User Date
      EvoX4 days ago

      No Need For Install Just Paste Files & play

      you Need to Delete or Move Old Save Files From Documents/NFS Most Wanted/

      May Crash For 1st run only 

  • RandomPerson - 4 days ago
    User Date
    youChuza3 days ago
    Nice compilation

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