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project : ALi edition™

project : ALi edition™
AuthorALi Jafari
Added On April 18, 2022
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File updated on: April 20, 2022

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♡ join my discord server for daily content ♡ :


heyo =)

this mod was meant to stay private but

someone was on my nerves so i thought , let's release it before i stop modding nfs games =)

so , it gives all cars a new fresh color and

makes cops and traffic cars more reflective.

i put my scf mod in there too

( which was released 25/12/2021 on and i gave it a remake )

i also fixed chrome material and made it less shiny

presetrides : bl cars now have metallic paint

and i also changed some of old CE/bonus ones with special ones like razor's mustang

upscaled 2048x2048 carbon fiber texture is there for you too =)

bonus vlted changes : driving physics & light flares from nfs carbon

i hope you enjoy .

just a note : you should make a fresh savegame after installing this mod =)

how to install ?

1. Run Binary as Administrator

2. choose User Mode

3. select the script, "main.end"

4. choose where your game directory.

5. save changes.

6. if it asked you to run the game just choose no and run the game from exe

7. open NFS-Vlted 4.6 and press "ctrl+O"

8. select your game's directory and click "OK"

9. press "ctrl +I" and select "main_vlt.nfsms"


change log :

19/04/2022 - first release


nadare ( nothing in persian )

pls lemme know if you found any bugs tho

( my discord : 𝓐𝓛𝓲#0026 )

special thanks :

ALi edition™ team!

credits :

ALi - original creator

nfsu360 - vlted tool

max hwoy - binary tool


  • Version 1.0 uploaded April 20, 2022

    ALi Jafari uploaded a new version. The new file is 6.22 MB.

    re-uploaded the mod again. download issue fixed
  • Initial version uploaded April 18, 2022

    ALi Jafari uploaded initial version. The original file is 56 KB.

Visitor Comments

  • LRF Modding - 29 days ago
    User Date
    Mike29 days ago
    Orbitron_HD27 days ago
    SaberHS_23 days ago

    Comments removed by NFSAddons staff.

    A mod created from scratch is not stealing.

    SaberHS has provided proof, that shows his version of the mod. And he explained it to me on discord.

    I have not seen proof from ALI, here or on the server, unless i have missed it (or deleted it).

    No point creating drama over a mod. 

    Further issues will get the mod deleted.


    From the proof, that Ali has showed in PM's, SaberHS is wrong and ali was the original creator and all credit goes to him.

    edited by LRF Modding 29 days ago

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