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2011 Noble M600

2011 Noble M600
Added On December 15, 2022
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Version Most Wanted
Brand Noble
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File updated on: July 3, 2023

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This car replaces None (Addon car)

2011 Noble M600 (Extended Customization) in baby blue stock paint.

Base model from NFS World Sparkserver, with some parts from NFS Heat, 2015, and World base game.


- Body kits (4) - Includes 3 widebodies

- Spoilers (14 unique + vanilla)

- Roof (1) - open side window variant

- Hoods (3) - Stock and debadged variants (includes carbon option)

- Roof scoops

- Rims (includes 6 unique rims from other cars)

- Interior (40) - additional Colors

- Headlights (15) - Color tints

- Taillights (13) - Color tints

- Brakes (15) - Caliper colors

- Attachments (8 slots)

Slot 1: Engine Core Colors

Slot 2: Engine wire colors

Slot 3: Roll Cage

Slot 4: Exhaust

Slot 5: Headlight Layer

Slot 6: Taillight Form

Slot 7: Rear Cover

Slot 8: License Plate Location

- Performance, also includes ebrake performance compatible with ALi Jafari's e-brake check mod)

- Paint

- Vinyls

- Window Tint

- Custom Gauges


When selecting a hood that isn't stock or stock carbon, upon leaving the body customization shop, the cart item returns "FENG: Default string error"

Installation instructions are on the ReadMe file.

Permissions Granted:

1. To convert this mod into other games.

2. To impove this mod by adding more customization into the mod or improving performance.

3. To add this car into repacks such as Redux, Remasters, Pepega Mod, etc.


Blender - Software used to work with the model and create the mod.

.CSB - CSR2 models where I got their spoilers from

GM25 - NFS Heat and NFS 2015 models

nfsu360 - NFS CarToolKit software used to export the model and textures into .bin files.

FreeRoam SparkServer - Base model of the car

Download Link:

Link to Unlimiter V4:

Note: For this mod to work properly, you must install Viper4K's modder resource/global textures pack first.

Note 2: Unlimiter v4 right now is indicated as a prerelease build, so proceed with caution and make backups in case the move to Unlimiter v4 fails due to any problems such as excessive crashing or disappearing models.

On a side note: This mod got featured by KryZee plays. Thank you so much for featuring this mod:

Here is the video that features this mod:


  • Version 1.1 uploaded July 3, 2023

    Aftrmrket Exotics uploaded a new version. The new file is 206 B.

    Unlimter V4 Support (Requires v4.0.0.801 or newer)
    - Custom light flare colors based on the colors of the headlights and brakelights
    - Custom rim support enabled with "RimsCustom" function
  • Initial version uploaded December 15, 2022

    Aftrmrket Exotics uploaded initial version. The original file is 238 B.

Visitor Comments

  • Aftrmrket Exotics - 1 year ago
    User Date

    Also, here is the modder resource pack you need for this mod to work properly. This was made by [redacted]:

  • THXAN_9 - 1 year ago
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    PonySparkle691 year ago
    will be Itasha Vinyl Pack for M600 ? or your other cars, which doesn't have Itasha Vinyl Pack
    • Aftrmrket Exotics - 1 year ago
      User Date
      Not sure. I will need to find time for it.

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