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Nissan GT-R (R35) [ADDON]

Nissan GT-R (R35) [ADDON]
Added On May 24, 2024
Views 3,574
Downloads 1,156
Version Most Wanted
Brand Nissan
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8.3/10 - 4 votes
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This car replaces None (Addon car)


Nissan GT-R (R35)

Converted from NFS World, Carbon, and Most Wanted

Addon version



• Unlocked after beating Webster #5

• Cost 145,000

• Fully customizable

• LODs Parts (A to E)

• Supports body scratches and windows can break

• Working brake lights texture

• Proper performance and handling data

• Anti-theft 3D logo



• Body Kits

• Spoilers

• Rims

• Hoods

• Roof Scoops

• Paint

• Vinyls

• Rim Paint

• Window Tint

• Decals

• Numbers

• Custom Gauges

• Performance

• Tires

• Neon



• Ton Roosendaal | Blender

• Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball | GIMP

• Oleg Melashenko | ZModeler

• nfsu360 | NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-TexEd, NFS-VltEd

• Arushan | NFSMW-ModTools and the Mod Loader

• MaxHwoy | Binary

• ASC/nfsu360 | NFS Texture Compiler Modified

• Imagination Developers | PVRTexTool

• Luigi Auriemma | QuickBMS

• Perfare | Asset Studio

• RaduMC | M3G2FBX

• Autodesk | FBX Converter

• EA Games | NFS Saga, Real Racing 3

• [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo a.k.a Saikou | Spending way to much time editing and converting this car 💀


Glory For Modding.

Visitor Comments

  • Petterz06 - 22 days ago
    User Date
    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo20 days ago
    Well I've already reached the limit of addons on my nfsmw but this mod looks cool, I think I'll uninstall my Peugeot 206 GTI just to test this mod.
    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 20 days ago
      User Date

      I heard about this limit of addon cars, but I thought Unlimiter V4 solved this problem ?

    • Petterz06 - 19 days ago
      User Date
      Well I don't know what's happening then, because when I installed more than 103 addons, the car models started disappearing, Is there any solution for this?
      edited by Petterz06 19 days ago
    • AJ_Lethal - 18 days ago
      User Date
      add-on car limit is due save file format restrictions, it's yet to be solved.
    • Petterz06 - 18 days ago
      User Date
      So the only thing left is to wait...
    • Aftrmrket Exotics - 5 days ago
      User Date
      I think it's based on the total DBModelParts. Some nodes have completely unnecessary parts that waste a slot, so those parts can be deleted.
  • THIAGO M.BERG - 4 days ago
    User Date

    Hi, everything is fine, when I go to install the Gtr with the vlted and binary tools I get an error, but it installs normally, but in the garage it stays at temp and when I leave the garage it has no engine sound, what do I have to do

    • MaeveSterling - 4 days ago
      User Date
      check your pvehicle 
    • THIAGO M.BERG - 3 days ago
      User Date

      What do you mean checking my vehicle, I don't understand

    • MaeveSterling - 3 days ago
      User Date
      open your vlted and click pvehicle

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