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2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR (CT9A)

2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR (CT9A)
Added On October 6, 2022
Views 8,165
Downloads 1,372
Version Most Wanted
Brand Mitsubishi
Favorited 6 times
Average Rating
8.2/10 - 17 votes
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

[Introduction] -

This mod aims to add a car named "Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR CT9A" inside the game. (Serious Rally Car)

[Tool Requirements] -

nfsu360's NFS VltEd V4.6 -

MaxHwoy's Binary V2.8.3 -

[Mods Required]

nlgzrgn's Unlimiter With Extra Customisation V3 -

nlgzrgn's NFSMW Extra Options V9.1 -

[Optional Mods To Make The Mod Even Better]

nlgzrgn's NFSMW Leftover Brakes Fix:

Viper4K's [NFSMW] Resource Pack:


1. 12 Body Kits

2. 13 "Car Specific" Spoilers

3. 4 "Car Specific" Rims

4. 8 Hoods

5. 3 Interior

6. Brakes

7. 3 Headlights

8. 1 Taillights

9. 7 Side Mirrors

10. 9 Attachment slots (EC)

[Installation] -


1. Run Binary as an Administrator and Click User Mode (Left Icon).

2. Locate the Endscript file and install it.

3. Locate your game folder where you wish the mod will be installed.

4. Let Binary do it's thing, Save Changes. (If it says "Would you like to run the game?", Press no.)


5. Run VLTEd as an Administrator and locate your NFSMW Installation folder (Use CTRL+O).

6. Import the VLTED Script located inside the mod's folder.

7. Let VLTEd do it's thing, save changes.

8. Start the game, create a new savegame, and enjoy your LanEvo IX!


When Installing this mod, it may break the cars in your last savegame, so create a new one instead.

Vinyls are not included yet

No Issues that I've encountered, If there are, Contact me on Discord (REDLINE™#8173)


06/10/2022 - Release


REDLINE - Convertion + Whole Car Mod (This was fun to do :D)

SaberHS - Scripts and stuff (Thanks friend!)

Viper4K - Providing PAIMAN?!?!!? Driver (Thanks a lot mate! B))

KenjaMago - NFSMS Scripts (Thank you Bruh!)

Glitchy Team - Huge support B) (Thanks you guys!)

NFSAddons Community - Helping me with modding (Thanks Men and Women of Culture!)

GameModels.Ru - Car Model

Emosen - does nothing helping wise (Veri Op man made his way in the credits doin nothing B) )

[Fun Fact]

This car is very FAST

Visitor Comments

  • Terminator_Vasya - 2 years ago
    User Date

    Unbound thumbnail style

    • REDLINE95 - 2 years ago
      User Date

      yes cuz today unbound reveal

  • Emosen11 - 2 years ago
    User Date
    Lovely work!
    edited by LRF Modding 1 year ago
    • REDLINE95 - 2 years ago
      User Date

      Thanks Emosen :D

  • AndreiK - 2 years ago
    User Date
    • REDLINE95 - 2 years ago
      User Date
      AndreiK2 years ago

      Thanks andreiK bruh :D

  • Kuruczcsabi - 2 years ago
    User Date

    Thanks for the modloader version... Again.

    edited by Kuruczcsabi 2 years ago
  • The Fletcherism - 2 years ago
    User Date
    Man!, Where can i contact you?
  • K7IIRIITO - 1 year ago
    User Date
    Restore Vinyl bro
  • Kuba - 11 months ago
    User Date

    Can you make it replace the Evo VIII via Binary?


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