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Marussia B2 (ADDON)

Marussia B2 (ADDON)
Added On December 22, 2020
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Brand Marussia
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

This mod replaces nothing, Xname of the Addon car is B2

I'll put a link for ModLoader Version here:

You can visit League Auto City for more car mods.

Marussia B2 converted from GTA: SA (Extracted by Mad_Driver10)


- Stock paintable body with new material

- License plate is accessible under hood

- Rims (Leftover Brake fix by nlgzrgn is required. Head over to issues for fixing)

- Realistic Performance Data

- Special anti-theft measures: a special chrome 3D model in interior and a special dds in Textures.bin


- Added an uninstallation folder that has an nfsms file included for people to uninstall & install any addon cars they have while the endscript file was in the setup (this will also remove the files for endscript. Extract the files again manually in CARS Folder)

- Added an ini file in Mod/scripts/UnlimiterData Folder to have customization visibility whatever the mods have or don't have parts & visuals, only in Unlimiter v3.

- Blue was set as Stock color in ED Version while Green was set as Stock color in Binary Version

- Buffed stats in Tuned. However, I will plan to rework its performance (stock & tuned) in the future....


It's in the Installation txt for ED & Binary from Archive

There are some issues I saw & encountered that need to fix before using the Addon car:

1. If you have HD Reflections by Aero_, the GeometryFix option WILL stick out its polygons from behind & the linings on the Addon car are visible, since the original author of the mod didn't notice the issue (oof...). To fix this, you must set the GeometryFix to 0 & you're done, or delete HD Reflections if you don't want to use it. (Somehow, the left side will crack a little bit. Ignore that one)

2. This one is for Binary only! If the brake calipers sticking out on Aftermarket rims, I recommend to use nlgzrgn's Leftover Brake Fix (link: Make sure you have Unlimiter v3 installed. So, Install brake fix using Binary (launch it as User btw), start the game, select this Addon & head over to Brakes section. Choose some brakes you want to select to fix the issue. Brakes customization was compatible for every Addon car that has this option, so I enabled it on its ini file

If there's no other issues (or fixed if you do it carefully), then you're good to go & use it anytime. Tell me if you find other issues aside from others.


- Converted & retexture by ACLambor. He granted me in pm to convert his car mods to Addons in NFS MW BUT to credit him & provide the link for the ModLoader car.

- Performance by Typhoons

- NFS-VltEd, NFS-CarToolkit & NFS-TexEd (v1.7) by nfsu360

- NFS MW Unlimiter & Ed - The Car Dealer! + Better License Plates by nlgzrgn

- Ant Renamer by

- Binary v2.4.0 by MaxHwoy

Visitor Comments

  • WF4123 - 1 month ago
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    Can you Make 2 of these ( Maserati Ghibli S and Maserati Gran Turismo MC Stradale) as Addon? (although, I thought requests are over or not.) Before you made an Binary version of Ferrari Addon Pack with F355 replaced with 430 Scuderia. And Aventador Pack as well after you making a mod.


    • N4SRazer - 30 days ago
      User Date

      MC Stradale is available here (ED addon) :2016 Maserati GranTurismo MC Stradale GT4 - Addon

    • Raverz12345 - 30 days ago
      User Date
      He mean the MC Stradale only that was made by Eclipse72rus.
    • Raverz12345 - 30 days ago
      User Date
      To WF4123: I'll take time to convert those Maseratis after the others (Plus with delays & updating stuffs)

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