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Need for Speed Most Wanted Downloads

Acura Integra Type-R

Acura Integra Type-R
Added On May 3, 2007
Views 80,768
Downloads 20,121
Version Most Wanted
Brand Acura
Favorited 7 times
Average Rating
8.2/10 - 12 votes
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This car replaces Audi TT 3.2 quattro (TT)

Finally I acquired success in converting the fully customizable version of Acura Integra Type-R from Need For Speed : Underground to Need For Speed : Most Wanted. This I think is the first fully customizable addon car ever for NFS9:MW.

--->Need for Speed : Underground conversion by StYLiZeR.<---

--->THANKS TO<---

>Radu-Cristian for helping me a lot.


1>Make a new folder 'ADDONS' in your NFS9:MW directory.

2>In it again make 2 new folders 'CARS_REPLACE' & 'FRONTEND'.

3>Copy the folder 'TT' which is included in this package to CARS_REPLACE folder.

4>Again make a new folder 'MANUFACTURERS' in the 'FRONTEND' folder.

5>Copy 34-ACURA to the 'MANUFACTURERS' folder .

6>Copy d3d9.dll & modloader to your NFS9 directory.

7>Right-click on your NFSMW Application from where you run the game, select "Properties" and in the "target" box add '-mod'.

Click Apply & OK.

If you don't know your NFS9 directory, simply right-click on your NFSMW Application from where you run the game, select "Properties" and click on the 'Find Target' button.


>My own tuned custom performance.

>Textures used from NFS7's Acura Integra Type-R.

>Customised interior from Chevrolet Corvette C6R with Integra's interior textures.

>Original NFS:MW driver skin & smoke & fire effects from muffler tip.

>3d logos,rims,brakes,door handles,etc.

>Transparent light covers, & badging logos.

>Original NFS:MW License plate.

>Superb acceleration,top speed,handling,braking as well as pickup.

>Can go upto 370KPH withpout nitros on highway.

>Polycount:- 19094 Vertices, 18724 Faces.

>Some custom textures.


6 body kits(1 stock + 3 non-widebody + 2 widebody).

Changeable spoiler.

Changeable rims.

Changeable roof scoop.

Changeable hoods with CF hoods also of the same.

Fully tunable performance.

Change colours.

Vinyls from NFS:Underground & that too on proper positions.

Changeable rim colours.

Changeable Window-tint .

Changeable Dash.

Add decals anywhere.

Add numbers.




1:)You are not allowed to modify,change,tune or convert this car to other games without my proper permission.

2:)You may upload the car to any website.

3:)Feel free to make vinyls for this car without my permission.

--->KNOWN BUGS<---

>Some portion of Front Window appears when you use Hood view.

>This car does not have doorlines. NFS9 supports 3d doorlines.

No other bugs other than these I guess.

HAVE FUN..........

-SLZ alias Stylizer.

Visitor Comments

  • ToyotaWish - 15 years ago
    User Date
    Arrrgh. Why not the DC5R?
  • monkey.wesley - 15 years ago
    User Date
    c6r interior for integra?! lol that would look odd...
  • nitrous280 - 15 years ago
    User Date
    thats freakin sweet. how can i make a 280sx?
  • KingRazoR - 14 years ago
    User Date
    i like

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