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Neighborhood Drive Xtra Roads Updated Night Ver

Neighborhood Drive Xtra Roads Updated Night Ver
Added On February 4, 2023
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Country Woods
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My description, here is I inserted, in, two folders, in this RaR file. Witch made this file a big 16 megs, but, it's worth it :)

It gives day an night race tracks, two different,sets of Trees that can be used!

It looks cool for me.

Okay, now the night race is nicer looking an fixed up more. (Just use all the files, but you have to rename your trees Qfs. File to the rite day an night track. As it's showing for. .Qfs 

I always, liked UFO's ok ) so I like the yellow Flying Sqaures, that blink now ;) so I just like way it looks no worry's.

I tried, inserting, Moniglifics Studio's,track UFO's, but, I kept getting an Error so I had to abort that idea :( anyways,I tried hard to. This is much better, with some other Creative idea I did an night Race. Enjoy! Cause I do. ☮️ 🥸

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  • WiLL - 2 months ago
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    I think the Day race of my mod looks better veith the Horizon on off. It gives it a nice blue sky. 

    Yup. I haven't did the weather rain rides yet hmm. 

    Thanks for uploading it staff. I thank nfsfan83 for his two trees I found 😎  

  • EvoX - 2 months ago
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    Wow looks promising. I WiLL test it 🏁

    What about Monolithic Studios jet planes. They looked awesome on that track)

    edited by EvoX 2 months ago
  • EvoX - 1 month ago
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    Hey Mann! Really nice shortcuts! Helps a lot vs insane bots) but whatcha done with em birdz? They look like flashy dotz or UFOz now) so i WiLL use ur track shape leaving Zalcus's graphix. This works best! OK?

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