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Vertigo Ridge

Vertigo Ridge
Added On May 17, 2019
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Dolphin Cove
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I didn't make this great track.

I only upload it :)


Vertigo Ridge

Modeled After: Dolphin Cove

- Replay cameras fixed to stay on the track

UnBtable Oct 2008

- Increased speed of waterfalls.

- Fixed positions of the Church and some trees there.

JimD & Ben July 2009

Vertigo Ridge 1.0
Thank you for downloading Vertigo Ridge, a TNFS Conversion by Zacabeb.

To install this track, simply unzip the ZIP file to your Root NFS folder with "Create Folder" or "Use folder names" on.

Thanks to: Vitaly Kootin for originally converting the track.

The problems I've found so far:

* Roadside objects cannot be hit

* The ambient sound effects on the track are not correct, but inherited from the track Vertigo Ridge replaces.

* There is some slowdown in the woods (probably caused by the Z-sorting of polys with masked textures). However, I put the blame on NFS HS' crappy 3D engine and not on the track integrity.

* Since the uncompressed texture data is twice that of a typical original NFS HS track, the track may not run accelerated on the lowest spec graphics cards supported by NFS HS in all game modes. I can't really verify that, but previous experiments with high-res textures on my 12MB Voodoo2 card has shown that there may be issues.

/ John Arnstrom, aka Zacabeb

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  • heyFITZ - 1 year ago

    why is the slide and the vidwall  dolpin cove    and not verdigo ridge   HELP

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  • heyFITZ - 1 year ago
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