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CW-Shortcuts Ver-2

CW-Shortcuts Ver-2
Added On November 28, 2017
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Version High Stakes
Original Track Country Woods
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Hi this not a
Total Clone: of AJ_Lethal's, Hi-Res Cw-Track ;)
I've really had to do much on this To fix it up.
It's My old mesh from few yrs ago.. this, T3ED Editor:
Really Mess's up bad..?
with Mirrored 24 Bit textures, so i made a new Road again-
works nicley. just think, it's all, Over Kill-work adding snow land mass..
at the Holes,besides, new road. i animated the Gas Station Tall sign is cool.

Fixed more the 'L' shaped,Corners,polys changed a few more road,Flags
i Like the Grass effect,showing sum grass-dirt fly up, in places.

The Night Race No weather,on is real Pretty Nice! looking in here, Fog on or off- i think.

Merry Christmas an Better New Year..! i hope for all Us.
really . Maybe i should have made atLeast '1'
Christmas Lighted Tree. Owell..?

I forgot to mention,when i ever try choosing,the texture i want to use,it's always,the 4th. one ahead most,i want to use- in middle of Qfs file :o so, an some times that won't show up Properly(

Well, i wished, Jim Diablo- can ever fix the Editor more for these Conflicks,in here about this. anymore,Updates. PaL.? (Hint)

I did much fixing on old area's in this
an the End of Tunnel Taller. Not so Closed in feeling,eek. an some in the bigger shorcut areas
I know all the Hard works.. i did, for the Fun of the old game :) :']

Ok Take care! WiLL

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