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Angel Lake Summer Time Ver.II

Angel Lake Summer Time Ver.II
AuthorsNfsWiLL, Paul EL
Added On November 23, 2005
Views 17,203
Downloads 3,885
Version High Stakes
Original Track Kindiak Park
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10/10 - 1 votes
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Hi There PauL EL gave me Perm. To Make this Track Possible More.
He Made 3/4th. the Track Qfs.Texture-File witch is From Nfs6 Hp:2 Texture's.

It has a MultiRoute Mesh.
Ok Now. Yes,i Know my Pic of the Track Look's Like SH** :{ Because my Nfs4Hs.- Will not Run in "3D Device 1" Setup Pos Thing :'{

Im Sure your Track- when you Play it, will look better than Mine does!. :'(
Ok hope you Like It. :}

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