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MikeOctober 11, 2018

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Freak's crazy, gone nuts Pumpkin

Freak's crazy, gone nuts Pumpkin
Well, this is some in between work from my oher projects, becasue I think at last somebody in the community has to do some fun-cars ;) . This is a funcar with a pumpkin on a hot-rod chassis with some funny things, as the knife in the pumpkins back or the color-scheme and a really crazy performance taken for NFS-Tuner's BMW TR. Have fun and Happy halloween!
Damage No Convertible Yes
Dashboard None Class AAA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 6
Windows Clear Licence Plate None
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 7652
Driver None

Visitor Comments

noise - 11 years ago
Great fun-car,I got it from Tippi's site.Why don't you upload all your cars here?I look forward to your TVR Cerbera
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_WiLL_ - 11 years ago
WoW. LoL,Hey i Love the Carving you did on thePumkins, polygons ;) I Like them Green Tires also. (great!work)
Man that Things COOL! y/w
"Central we have a Problem"
Its an Huge Orange, Mad Pumkin, 10-4
I'll get the Buzzooka Out..10-4 *BooM* *Splattered*
So that was my 2 Cents... :}
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Freak-DS - 11 years ago
@ Noise: Err well, I tend to forget that... But nice that you've got fun eith it!

@ Will: Dont make mad pumpkin more mad xD
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Remko - 11 years ago
Awesome work, Freak, thanks a lot. :)
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Cooya! - 11 years ago
Your skills are just amazing! This is the first funcar in my collection - I hate funcars in general but this is just too good for not having it on my hdd - Many thanks
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Chomps152 - 11 years ago
That is one crazy pumpkin!!! I'm gonna give it a try.
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MADMAN_nfs - 1 year ago
Indeed, a spooky funcar for halloween...
Oh man, already ten years since it was released. Wish Freak-DS would be still around producing candy for the community :)
Thanks for featuring this car again.
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