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Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter (Chopper)

Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Fighter (Chopper)
Added On April 29, 2024
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Version High Stakes
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NFS:HS Features

Class Pursuit Serial #
Damage No Dashboard None
Convertible No Vidwall No
Windows Clear Licence Plate
Top Speed 750 mph
1200 kmh
Polycount 2460
Driver Customizable


Original Mod from Bob Robert, Textures from Jim Bassett "Simple" conversion from race "car" to pursuit interceptor chasing the mere force out of you LoL Comes with proper sounds Support for Zalcus20's Disabled Radar HUD Mod

Installation: car.viv goes into "Data\Cars\Traffic\CHOPPERS\0000" folder


Visitor Comments

  • noise - 2 months ago
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    nfs-sifi, nice. Does it come with those ufo's that I see in the sky? Nice video(s) you have on YouTube.

    The track looks like a modified Celtic Ruins, what's it called?

    • pete9516 - 2 months ago
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      LoL, i don't know that :D But i will be doing Bob's further releases in the future, though the sounds then need to be a little bit different. Thanks, i try my best

      It's Omega Design's Tatooine, unfortunately the ZIP is damaged, so i had to use the sky.qfs from Celtic Ruins, but it fits pretty well. Had to fix a lot of stuff on this track, though i don't know if it can get public

  • EvoX - 2 months ago
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    Looks like a repainted Bumble Bee😂😂😂
    • pete9516 - 2 months ago
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      EvoX2 months ago
      Oh you mean Anakin's Podracer? Maybe i should have used a different camera to make screens of the TIE Fighter lol

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