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MikeOctober 05, 2007

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Civic Si-R

Civic Si-R
This car is very high poly! It has a complete 3D Engine and pretty much everything is 3D! I converted the car from 4X4 Evo! Enjoy! Props to Kremit for the wheels! I am not sure on who made the original for 4X4 evo but I give them full credit who ever you are!
Damage No Convertible No
Dashboard New Class AA
Vidwall No Serial # 0
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 195 mph
314 kmh
Polycount 17501

Visitor Comments

BMWSport - 17 years ago

Way too many poly's on this car...more than needed. Nice engine, but 195 mph is kinda high for a civic.


NfsWiLL - 17 years ago

Kevin This Car is Kick A** Man! Well i just want to get it,Because i wanna test my new Pc? see if i have any Lagg on Frame rate. i bet i wont! lol :-)

impreza racer - 17 years ago

is it me or does the car not have a hood?

BMWSport - 17 years ago

it's cool to see the engine and the stress bar -- nice detail...but the speed!!! that's gotta be changed!!!

NitroNŜX - 17 years ago

A hood should be an :ot

rapster - 17 years ago

Degrind I really hope your kidding. This car is really good and some of the cars in 4x4 EVO are much better and more detailed than any car in NFS could get. A civic is one of the best cars to modify. It has so many options and it looks cool. AND THERE'S NO NEED TO TELL HIM HE SUCKS. You idiot, just say you don't like it.

BMWSport - 17 years ago

Rapster - fixed it. I dont think we'll see that again - if you or anybody sees that - mail me!

Kenworth Man - 17 years ago

hehe, awesome looking car, i normally don't like civics, but this one is pretty nice. But, the poly count is too high, i can't use the car. Nice effort

@ob - 16 years ago

80's civic good idea howabout 88 to 91? si with hod please lol

@ob - 16 years ago

nice car good lokin engin too

Orbitronio - 16 years ago

just b4 u give full credit ask for permition. ur not allowed to upload someone's car and say i give full credit. this car is made by Mike

jokinendesign - 16 years ago

is this really high poly car...
it look like low poly car...

jokinendesign - 16 years ago

engine looks alnost good and rest of the car look shit.

AgentOrangE - 15 years ago

high poly count, I tried using high poly patch, but still it wont display :/, damn cant even drive it yet :(

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