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Honda Civic Street

Honda Civic Street
No its not the fnf one but it rocks and has nos
Get it now its coll plus theres perks described in the readme
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class AA
Vidwall Yes Serial # 37
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 149

Visitor Comments

BigJ - 15 years ago

are people geting this for the "perks" or do you like the car? its my first released and i have more on the way soon "Bmw street" just to name one tell me if you want it and give me ideas too
i make all kinds of cars

note: i know this is a bit behind its time but i can do better :)

Haze - 15 years ago

so do.

AgentOrangE - 15 years ago

Yes my comments are as follows, the mesh looks nice, but perhaps u could try a scratch built civic or ask permission to use one of the stock civics made from scratch and make a nice body kit, dont add too much decals otherwise it will look fuzzy since HS doesnt handle textures very well, and nos i guess is a bit overused, but everyone to there tastes, perhaps a limited NOS burst would be more challenging and less annoying

AgentOrangE - 15 years ago

Oh im sorry I wanted to say that some features on the car look good like the feline head on the side of the car, the front bumper and the front lights, i can still tell its a bimmer and perhaps the rear spoiler is a bit to large for the back, and the back lights need some retouching, but otherwise not bad for your first car, hope to see more of your work here, since were kinda running thin on cars here.

BigJ - 15 years ago

no prob i may fix this up then but i just uploaded th bmw street sorry has the same nos but hope you like that one too it has a bonus skin
i have other cars soon give requests maybey (oh by the way i have done a scratch built car before it was a 32 deuce coupe it turned out kida crapy though

Power^Steer|nG - 12 years ago

spoiler is nice.. but what the hell is wrong with from bumper?

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