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Ford Falcon

Ford Falcon
AuthorsNoise, Reight
Added On April 14, 2013
Views 5,250
Downloads 753
Version High Stakes
Brand Ford
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9/10 - 1 votes
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NFS:HS Features

Class B Serial # 11
Damage No Dashboard None
Convertible No Vidwall No
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 3256
Driver Animated


This car was originally uploaded and later removed by Reight.I gave it a second's now a very basic Falcon with less polies.

Original polycount: 8213
New polycount: 3256

Things I changed:

-color choice
-window wipers

Visitor Comments

  • Freak-DS - 11 years ago
    User Date
    3d depth ring bulb-headlights in a 2d grille combined with modeled bodylines and 3d gap for the front bumper but then just 2d wheels? Seems a bit inconsistent to me. The inner rings of the taillights have 20 steps where about 8 woul'dve been plenty enough.
    It's a nice addon but the 3d detail priority is the other way round than it should imo.
  • Reight - 11 years ago
    User Date
    i didnt remove the
    i never remove teamproject cars mate ;)

    @ Freak: was our very first project back than ;)
    noise just wanted to make a way less polycount version.i guess.
  • noise - 11 years ago
    User Date
    My mistake Reight, sorry, I thought the car was gone (you did remove the one with the GTlegends racingtexture).

    @Freak-DS: I guess you're right, but my inability leads to inconsistentsy.
  • Freak-DS - 11 years ago
    User Date
    inability? i dont think so.. you did splendid 3d work on your recent cars - exercise it ;P

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