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dadJuly 14, 2008

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1968 Camaro Custom

1968 Camaro Custom
The last F-body rolled off the assembly line yesterday (August 27th, 2002, see the news item on the main page), so I decided to upload this car today in memory of the good times. ;-)
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Yes Class AA
Vidwall No Serial # 10
Windows Clear Licence Plate Customizable
Top Speed 168 mph
270 kmh
Polycount 2487

Visitor Comments

Cerberus - 16 years ago

Pay respect to the F-Body everyone! (Think a bow down move here..) A very worth download for a honorable and good generation of great cars.
So REST IN PEACE, you high flying Firebirds and deeply growling Camaro's..Farewell, see you on the "other road"! ;-))

Cerberus - 16 years ago

uhhm..I paid tribute but I can't download..file not found, I hope this is just a temporary error ( or the great Firebird spirit is punishing me for not buying one of his sons when having the ability..but I don't think so ;-)))

Cerberus - 16 years ago

Well, it seems to be my very own fault, I see the downloads going up, but I still can't download it myself..weird..

Remko - 16 years ago

You're right, something's up - I'll look into it...

Remko - 16 years ago

Okay, the download link works now. Sorry.

Mike - 16 years ago

Beautiful car... I'm gonna miss the F-body :(

the_jesta - 16 years ago

Camaro's and Firebird's were great cars. I got posters all over my room of Camaro's. I sure as heck will miss them. Anybody know why they aren't bein made anymore?

Cerberus - 16 years ago

Thanx Remko!

rapster - 16 years ago

Hey 'the jesta' I think that they stopped making them cause there weren't enough sales of the cars and money was being lost. (i dunno if it's true i just heard it somewhere??)

rcr887 - 16 years ago

I love camaro's and firebird's. For some reason these cars don't work for my game. Can anybody help me?

Remko - 16 years ago

In what language are you playing NFS4?

streethawk - 8 years ago

this car is sweet! nice nob!

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