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Pursuit El Niño

Pursuit El Niño
Added On June 30, 2024
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Version High Stakes
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File updated on: July 6, 2024

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NFS:HS Features

Class AAA Serial # 48
Damage Yes Dashboard Yes
Convertible No Vidwall Yes
Windows Clear Licence Plate Non-Editable
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0
Driver Animated


Full credit to the original author, Rata_536.

The original model is for Need For Speed 3 found here:

Rata_536 kindly gave me permission to convert his awesome El Niños to High Stakes! Thank you!

This car has the standard NFS4 features. There are two versions included in this download: A 2d rim version (default) and a 3d rim version. The 2d rim version is intended for use with the ea cars so that it doesn't look too out of place. However, if you prefer more detail or you have a modded game where most cars are 3d, use the 3d rim version instead.

To install, simply use NFS Mixer to import as a new car.

If you don't use the Mixer, create a new folder called "ELNP" in your High Stakes directory under data/cars. Then move the "ELNP.qfs" to your data/feart/vidwall folder.

Your all set!

Non-cop version coming soon!


  • Version 1.2 uploaded July 6, 2024

    Zalcus20 uploaded a new version. The new file is 2.5 MB.

    -Changed a light texture to match the white reverse light dummy.
  • Version 1.1 uploaded July 1, 2024

    Zalcus20 uploaded a new version. The new file is 2.47 MB.

    -Adjusted normals for both versions. The regular version now has normals that are similar to the default ea cars. The 3d rim version has slightly altered normals to complement its 3d wheels and a game with modded higher poly cars.
    -Fxed a bug with the empire cop texture.
    -Car is now in the correct category under "Pursuit Cars"
  • Initial version uploaded June 30, 2024

    Rata_536, Zalcus20 uploaded initial version. The original file is 2.47 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • pete9516 - 18 days ago
    User Date
    zomfg awesome
  • Fabri_Z.0.6 - 18 days ago
    User Date
    niño quitate la ropa
  • Zalcus20 - 18 days ago
    User Date

    Ugh. I forgot to fix the normals...

    Ok, then. An update will follow.

  • rata_536 - 18 days ago
    User Date
    Zalcus2017 days ago
    Okay this is 100% my fault cos I forgot to give you the raw texture, but the logo on the doors could use an update to have NFS4 logo on it.
  • Doni - 16 days ago
    User Date
    pete951612 days ago
    Really nice! I would love Europe skins!

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