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NFS3 CARP Generator

NFS3 CARP Generator
Added On November 12, 2022
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File updated on: April 30, 2024


NFS3 CARP Generator by AJ_Lethal


A spreadsheet tool that can help you to generate a CARP.txt file from scratch.





-LibreOffice 7.x or later

-MS Excel 2019 or later




-Open either the MS Excel version (.xltx) or the OpenDocument version (.ots)

-There's also a macro-enhanced version of the OpenDocument version (works only on LibreOffice), allowing automated CARP importing and exporting; make sure to allow macro execution in your LibreOffice options. It's labeled a beta because of a couple of bugs (namely imports can't be undone, however you can use the Clear Fields button to reset all fields), but it should work fine.

-Fill in the required data in the Main sheet

-If you need to find info on your car's performance there are a couple of places that could be useful for data, such as:

-Car magazines

-The manufacturer websites

-if everything else fails, pray to Saint Google

-You can also use CarTest to obtain stuff such as acceleration times, torque curve, etc. from car data as well. You can get here at:




-Since it's a DOS program you might need DOSBox to run it

-You can also import (most) of the data from an existing CARP.txt file. Just open the existing CARP with a text editor, copy the contents and paste it column A of the CARP Import sheet. Choose "comma" as separator as prompted.

-The imported CARP data will appear in the Imported CARP Values sheet, you have to copy and paste the data into the Main sheet from there

-Some steering values, opponent data and g-transfer factor won't be imported.

-There's also a FEDATA compare data calculator, it's not 100% accurate but it's close enough.

-When you're done go to the Generated CARP sheet, select the A column and copy it. Then paste it in Notepad and save it as CARP.txt; from there you can import in your car.viv file with NFS Wizard or any other VIV utility.

-Since the files are in template formats you can save your CARP setups separately.



-Justin "IH8COPS" Martin, Rudy & Sara (RDP), Mitch Larsen, rata536 and pete9516 for their research on CARP.txt data that was used as the basis for the calculations and tool tips present in the file.

-pete9516 for his opponent acceleration table tutorial ( which I used as the base for the opponent acceleration calculation.



If you're gonna distibute this file, make sure to credit me as the author.



Any questions or suggestions can be sent to ajaguilarnfsc(at)hotmail(dot)com; you can also look for "Need for Speed .R Garage" on Facebook and Twitter.


  • Version 2.0 Rev. A uploaded April 30, 2024

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 369.73 KB.

    - files now are in template format so you can save setups without worrying about (accidentally) messing the file [actually introduced in v2.0 but forgor to mention 💀]
    -fixed text color issues in Excel
  • Version 1.4 uploaded April 27, 2024

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 368.95 KB.

    -revamped UI
    -V2RPM of auto transmission now takes into account the reduced redline the game imposes on auto transmission
    -fixed opponent tables ending with negative numbers on certain circumstances
  • Version 1.2 Rev. A uploaded April 11, 2024

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 340.93 KB.

    -minor formatting fixes
  • Version 1.2 uploaded April 10, 2024

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 347.49 KB.

    -improved opponent accel table calculation, now it yields smoother curves
    -fixed gear blip import values
    -minor formatting tweaks
  • Version 1.1 uploaded May 15, 2023

    AJ_Lethal uploaded a new version. The new file is 327.06 KB.

    -fixed some CARP importing bugs
    -added macro-enhanced version of the OpenDocument version (works only on LibreOffice), allowing for automated CARP importing and exporting.
  • Initial version uploaded November 12, 2022

    AJ_Lethal uploaded initial version. The original file is 198.47 KB.

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