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NFS3 car and track manager

NFS3 car and track manager
AuthorJan Novak
Added On July 15, 2022
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NFS3 Manager


Description: Hope to help with manage Your NFS 3 Cars and tracks.

What can I say more, try it and write me what You thing.

Only if I try it usefull (if You mail me enough good things about it),

I'll be continue developing it.


-------- Warning, this is a beta version, I have't enaugh time to test it extensive --------

-------- If You find some errors, I'll be grateful for reporting it to me by mail --------

I'm sorry for this, but if You like this Manager, You can help me make it great. And don't worry,

also release version will be free.


--------------------- Versions history and what with it ---------------------


Version 1.0b1:

Update tips section with "what Manager do behind"

Fixed errors (now should work):

- When You enable NFS3Editting and try edit strings or switch tracks before restarting program,

Manager erase string file (text.??? in fedata\text).

- Switching tracks work only before You try to switch back to original.

Added restore of strings from CD

(from toolbar or menu).

Version 1.0beta:

Added fixing serial numbers

- You can generate and write serial number for specific car. Generated ser. number is uniq.

(with buttons on the right view)

- You can enter it manualy.

(fedata S.N. edit is now enabled)

- I write it only on fedata.* files in VIV file. Thanks to idea of Serial Fixer from Codeman that is enough.

If it is enough also for You, You can use it, else use something like VIVWizard.

- You can fix it automatically for Your installed language version.

(from menu or toolbar)

Added displaying name of active track in NFS3 menu.

- Now You can see also in game which track You have active.

- Display name is equal to one in NFSManager and also to directory name where track is installed.

- You can disable it in option (also for quicker start).

Added NFS string editting

- No, I don't want made competion to String editor from C4U Software which is much better, I only need implement editing

engine for this to enable displaying track names, and so, why not enable this feature also for You?

(from menu or toolbar)

Added more optins

- You can disable now displaing error icons in car list

(from option menu, this is primery for serial number fixer, which cause dif. S.N.)

Added language version support

- Now I read language ver. and try to locate appropriate fedata in car.

Version 0.9b:

Added zip and cab support.

- You can now install tracks and cars from zip and cab files.

(from menu or toolbar)

- You can also compress tracks and cars to these formats

(with buttons on the right view)

Regenereting car dir names to car name or to car ID.

- If exist two or more cars with same ID, dir name will be generated by number (0000, 0001, 0002, .... etc)

- dtto for car names.

(from menu only)

Version 0.8b:

First version describe below


- Manage cars (install new, enable, disable, launch car edit, restore from CD)

- Manage tracks (install new, switch, launch track edit, restore from CD)

- Support for ZIP and CAB files to install.

- Support for compres tracks and cars.

- Generating car dir names equal to ID or Name (for better manipulating in explorer)

!!! Warning !!! don't use dir name equal to car names with NFS3, this is only for Your convenience.

Turn it back to IDs before run NFS3

.... But maybe, why not, who said, that path for car cannot be more than 4? I have no problems with it.

- Fixing serial numbers, FeData only

- NFS String Editing

- Launch NFS3

Next Release:

- Corecting errors (Duplicate ser.nums etc..).

- Enabling/disabling traffic and police cars.

- View of screenshot of car in jpg, tga or texture on right bottom.

Some Tips:

- Left double click on car to disable/enable it.

- Right double click to launch car edit on it.

- Left double click on track to switch it.

- If You reinstall NFS 3 on diferent location, use 'default' buttons on options.

- Try compres to Cabinet file and check its size!

- "Default Shell Action" on options dialog is such action which is registered in shell for file type,

in NFS3Manager it means *.viv for cars and *.frd for tracks. If You use VIVWizard and TrackEd for editing,

then You can leave this untached, because both programs register this types.

Use it, they are great programs!


- when disable car, add ".dis" to file name. So You can manually enabling it by rename this file.

- when generate s.number - try to generate random number until not found one which not existt in other cars

- when write s.number - change s.num. word in all FeData files for this car.

- when checking for dupl. s.n. - walk through all active cars fedata.??? where ??? is default ext for Your language version of NFS3

- when automatically corect s.n. - walk through all cars and when find Dupl. s.n. error, try generate new as above.

- when restoring files (cars, tracks, strings) - copies all directories(GameData\CarModel, GameData\Tracks, FeData\Text)

- when find NFS3 CD Path - find first CD drive letter

- when find NFS3 Path - Check in the registry

- when switching Tracks -

1. get all files from "Original" directory (if Original track is active, this one is empty, so nothing happend)

and move them to track directory(TRK00?) - restore original

2. get all files from desired directory and copy it to track directory, but first backup all original files

which will be overwrite to Original directory

3. if enabled editing of NFS string, write name of track to fedata file.

4. Write "name" of active track to Atrack.ini

5. Change active track in tree.

- more will be added

Known errors:

- Almost no error return. If something goes wrong, nothing happened.

(I don't want to disturb You, or I'm lazy)

- If You install car from compress files, You get only generated ID, not right one from car.viv.

(I don't want uncompress file once more for this, maybe latter)

- At now, I only support compact viv files for cars, no extra .fce fedata carp.txt etc. files in dir

(Yes I'm lazy to check it, if You find it very bad, maybe I add support)

- ???? I think that here will be much more, I'm sorry for this, but this is beta and I don't have much time

to test it extensive, and also I can't test it on all versions of NFS3 and Windows. I'm using it on W98 and so,

what I'll catch, I repair. I'll be grateful for Your reports.

- I don't know, how this work with other than english version of NFS3. Any opinions are welcome.


- Run exe file

- Go to options, change something, if You think, that it not right.

- Enjoy


- FREE but:

- U are not allowed to modify anything without my permission

- U are not allowed to put this on some commercial cd-rom without my permission.

(including magazine Cover CDs and software compilations)

- Mail me, if You want make something, what not allowed, we'll make a deal.


Not responisble for anything due to using this program.

If You think, that it is a shit, write me, I stop it immediately. But write also why please.


Program: Jan Novak, Prague

ZIP files: (C) 1995-1998 Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

Cabinet files: (C) Microsoft Corp 1996-1997

All comments, suggestion and errors are welcome on

Last versions on

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