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Jaguar E-Type Coupe

Jaguar E-Type Coupe
Added On May 1, 2022
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Version Hot Pursuit
Brand Jaguar
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Add-on car for NFS III

Version :2.0

Realeasedate :around May 01.1999

Author: :Manuel Fernández


Modifications from V1.0: A complete body rework.

Added bumpers, proper lights and an interior.

You can look inside and see seats, a driver

and the dash. Also added the hood bulge.

Reworked the mesh and textures. Raised the

dashboard a bit. Added rear badge and plate

Made a loading slide. Changed

the serial number. Added a few colors.


You must create an "Etyp" subdirectory in your

\Gamedata\Carmodel subdirectory, and unzip the

car.viv file in there.

Unzip the loading slide file 06_00.qfs

into the \FeData\art\slides folder.

The serial number for this car is 06. It used

to be 60138 but I changed it to view the loading

slide. If you have trouble you must change the

number with a program like Vivwizard. Remember

to rename the first two numbers in the 06_00.qfs

file to match the new serial. Up to 50 the slide

will work; if that's important to you.


This was the Aston Martin DB7, but after a severe

beating and welding it now resembles the legen-

dary XKE (E-type) Jaguar, series I, from the 1960's

I Used the original color names, that's why they sound

so silly. Opalescent maroon? really!

The performance data is taken from the XK8 Jag and

tweaked to resemble that of a 1967 E-cat. This is a

class C car but it's very competitive in B too.

Most annoying bugs:

-Glass is too clear.

-The body is still too rough.

-Performance is a bit optimistic (Not that much!).

-I don't own one.

Future improvements.

-More accurate performance, whenever I find the correct

torque curve, gear ratios and such.

-A real one (for model research, you know) if I win the

lottery ;-)


- Thanks to the VivWizard creator for making it much,

much easier.

- Thanks to the NFS gaming community for the cool

editors, tips and enthusiasm.

- Thanks to EA for the game and the cartool program.

Legal paraphernalia:

- Don't sue me! All Need For Speed titles are Copyright

of Electronic Arts. Sue 'em instead!

- The fantastic VivWizard V0.7 is Copyright 1998/99

of Jesper Juul-Mortensen

- Jaguar and the E-type/XKE name are trademark of Jaguar.

You can tweak/modify/sack/pillage/whatever the

files included in this zip archive. Just remember

to give me credit and make me famous or your dog

will grow fleas!

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