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Italdesign-BMW Nazca C2

Italdesign-BMW Nazca C2

This is an Italdesign-BMW Nazca C2, a concept car designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro at Italdesign for the BMW car manufacturer, that never entered production; the spiritual heir of the legendary BMW M1, now available for Need for Speed III.

Although there are already two other Nazca C2 on NFS Cars, one by Giulliano L and the other by Giles Bett, and another on NFS Addons created by Myatsoe, I decided to upload this additional version, created for Need for Speed IV by AJ_Lethal and converted by me for Need for Speed III, as I find it very well done.

This car has realistic performance, steering and rolling, is available to AI opponents drivers in the class A and in all supported languages. Dashboard and engine sound come from Need for Speed II SE. To install it put "nazc" folder that you find in the downloaded Zip file into "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel".

A slide is also available named "29_00.qfs", that will appear on the screen before every race, to insert in the path "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Fedata/Art/Slides".

To complete this addon I advise you to download the showcase of this car that you can find here put it in this path "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Fedata/Art/Showcase" and in the Player Car menu you can click on Showcase and view all the technical data of this car, its history relating to the Italdesign brand and also some photos.

If you would like to modify, convert and/or distribute this addon, please put AJ_Lethal name as the original author of this addon in the Readme file and/or in the site.

Visit my Youtube channel "Opus IV Gamer" ( to see a lot of videos that I made on Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit and don't forget to subscribe to it for new coming videos.

Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class A
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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