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Changed VLTEd Presets For Car Sounds

Changed VLTEd Presets For Car Sounds
Added On August 25, 2019
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So I wanted to change the sound of the cars available in the vanilla game (and some from the Improvement Mod addon, which was used as a base) to different other correspondent found in the game files. It is available for the vanilla and addon (eg. Improvement Mod and perhaps Ultimate Mod).


  • * - Changes for stock vehicle;
  • ** - Changes for upgraded vehicle;
  • + - Changes for both stock and upgrade.

Changes (for vanilla):

  • **Nissan 240SX (S13) Upgraded [hon_prel (Honda Prelude), fully upgraded 240SX from NFSU2); [for_mus_b, stock Mustang GT from NFSMW]
  • *Chevrolet Camaro Concept [for_mus_b, stock Mustang GT from NFSMW];
  • *Ford Mustang GT (S197) [for_mus_b, stock Mustang GT from NFSMW];
  • *Ford Shelby GT500 (S197-I) [for_mus_a_gt, stock Mustang GT from vanilla NFSC];
  • +Vauxhall Monaro VXR [bmw_m5_a (from BMW M5), for_mus_a_gt, both used for NFSMW's Monaro];

Changes (for Improvement Mod or Ultimate Mod):

  • +BMW M3 (E46) [bmw_m3_a; bmw_m3_e (BMW M3)]
  • +BMW M3 CSL (E46) [bmw_m3_e; bmw_m3_c (BMW M3)]
  • +Cadillac CTS [chv_cav_a (Chevrolet Cavalier), chry_srt8_exh (Chrysler 300C SRT8)];
  • **Chevrolet Corvette C6 [corvette_c5_exh, used for upgraded Corvette Z06)];
  • **Chevrolet Corvette C6.R [corvette_z06_v2];
  • +Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T (2G) [chv_cav_b (Chevrolet Cavalier), mit_eclip_b (Mitsubishi Eclipse (3G)), used for NFSMW's upgraded Cobalt SS and stock Eclipse GT (4G) respectively];
  • **Pontiac GTO (2005) (including police vehicles) [corvette_c5_exh, used for upgraded Corvette Z06)];
  • +Porsche 911 GT3 RS (997) [por_dp6, por_gt4r, from NFSMW's 911 GT2 and NFSC's vanilla 911 GT3 respectively].


  • Open VLTEd, go to the top bar and click on File>Import>ModScript or just press Ctrl+I;
  • Find the folder you have put the files and select the .nfsms script (whether is the separate script or the whole package script;
  • Once the script is imported, click on File>Save or press Ctrl+I;
  • Run the game.


  • nfsu360 - VltEd 4.5, VltEd 4.6;
  • 379Felipe; GXP-10; nlgzrgn; Speedyheart; Sparx; Neon; RaTT and Xanvier - NFSC Improvement Mod and Ultimate Mod.

Tools used:

  • VltEd 4.5, VltEd 4.6.


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