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1963 Volkswagen Beetle

1963 Volkswagen Beetle
Added On September 7, 2020
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Version Carbon
Brand Volkswagen
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

1963 Volkswagen Beetle [ADDON]

Vochito is in the house!


***BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD: I'm not sure if this mod is Compatible with Carbon Battle Royale, Improvement Mod or Endgame Mod, since it was tested on base game. Downloading and installing this mod means that you take the risk***

Conversion from Forza Motorsport 4, with some parts from Forza Horizon, Driver San Francisco and Need For Speed Heat Studio.

It's an Addon, so it doesn't replace anything, but you will need some stuff to make it work correctly.

What does this mod have?

-Custom Performance Data.

-Custom Sound.


+Front Bumper (3)

+Rear Bumper (3)

+Skirt (1)

+Misc Parts (3, see Hood Section)


+Bodykits (2)

+Misc Parts (3, see Hood Section)

+Custom Spoiler





+Rim Paint

+Window Tint

+Ride Height

Special Things

-Need For Speed Undercover's Driver.

-Working Brakelight texture.

-Cops call this as "Volkswagen".

-Proper Window Damage.

-Unlocked after winning test drive race.

Bugs and some details...

-In-Game Spoilers don't work, but when installing, some of them overlap with car doors.

(Do you think this car should have In-Game spoiler option? Let me know ;D).

-Did you find a bug? Please comment or PM me.


Every step and links to resources are fully detailed in readme.txt.

Last comments

+The slowest car in game I guess, but still faster than the real life Beetle. Making so slow like the real one will break up stats.

+Parts from Heat Studio didn't have LOD parts, so they were made with the help of MeshLab (first time using it btw).

+As always... Do you think performance can be improved? Feel free to edit, but please share to the community, so everyone will enjoy the mod.


-Turn 10 Studios.

-DMN: Ripping the models (FM4 base model, and some parts from Driver San Francisco and Forza Horizon).

-S.S.T.: ripping the model from Need For Speed Heat Studio (i used some parts).

-Oleg: ZModeler 2.2.5.

-MeshLab 2020.06.

-Make Davis & JYSB59: Forza Studio 4.6.

-dotPDN LCC.: paint.NET.

-nfsu360: NFS Carbon ModTools v1.1, NFS VltEd v4.5, NFS-TexEd v0.9.1 and v1.1.

-maxhwoy: Binary v2.1.0

-Electronic Arts: License Plate and Driver (Model and Texture).

-Henry_Allen05: Conversion to Need For Speed Carbon.

Special Thanks to...

+carsmaster and his video "Create LODS in MeshLab".

Visitor Comments

  • Remko - 17 days ago
    User Date
    Mike17 days ago
    Henry_Allen0516 days ago

    That looks very cool, both as a stock and a custom car. :thumbsup::thumbsup:

  • Skyline Hunter - 17 days ago
    User Date
    Mike17 days ago
    Henry_Allen0516 days ago

    YES! I've been looking for a good vw bug mod FOREVER! THIS IS PERFECT!


  • TEARSTREAT801 - 17 days ago
    User Date
    what's next?
    • Henry_Allen05 - 16 days ago
      User Date
      Muscle_Cars1 hour ago

      Maybe a Mustang... or a Jeep. Maybe both.

    • Muscle_Cars - 1 hour ago
      User Date
      Awesome Mod

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