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Need for Speed Carbon Downloads

Ford Crown Victoria

Ford Crown Victoria
Added On January 18, 2023
Views 3,465
Downloads 287
Version Carbon
Brand Ford
Favorited 7 times
Average Rating
8.7/10 - 17 votes
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This car replaces None (Addon car)

Car Name: Ford Crown Victoria

Base Model: Need for Speed: Unbound

Cost: 45.000

Change Log

  • 18-01-23: Released

Autosculpt Parts

  • Front Bumper: Stock + 52 custom front bumper
  • Rear Bumper: Stock + 32 custom rear bumper
  • Skirt: Stock + 12 custom skirt

Aftermarket Parts

  • Bodykit: Stock + 5 bodykit
  • Spoiler: 11 custom spoiler
  • Hood: 12 custom hood
  • Interior: Stock + 2 custom interior
  • Roof: Stock + 1 custom roof
  • Brakelight: Stock + 4 custom brakelight
  • Headlight: Stock + 2 custom headlight
  • Side Mirror: Stock + 18 New custom mirror

Attachment Slots

  • Driver Seat
  • Passenger Seat
  • Grill
  • Roof Spoiler
  • Roof Attachments
  • Boot Option
  • Rollcage

Make sure you already have Binary, VLT-Ed, & NFS: C Unlimiter installed. The installation is very easy.

1. Open your Binary & select "User Mode"

2. Choose "Binary Data Install.end"

3. Select your Carbon folder

4. Save, but don't run your game yet

5. Open your Vlt-Ed and then import the "VLT Data Install.nfsms"

6. Click install

7. Close the window & then save it

8. Open your Carbon

9. Create a new save & have fun

Q: Why you didn't include the Legendary Custom body kit?

A: I want to, I tried but it doesn't look right for me. So I cut that kit

Q: Why the car looks so big

A: Crown Vic in general is a big, chonky, walking brick car. I already compare it with the one in NFS: World & the size is exactly the same

Q: Most Wanted version when?

A: Terminator Vasya took care the MW port of this mod

Q: Can I use Ed & Binary car addon together?

A: You better install the Ed car mod manually using Binary

Q: Can I include this car to my modpack?

A: Depends, ask me on Discord first, Vee#0875

  • ASC (NFS: Unbound model)
  • Flatto Catto (The Crew 2 model & Toyota Chaser BN Sports kit)
  • KenjaMago (Custom performance)
  • LossTunes (Bride Vios III model)
  • RisaDriftR (Beta tester)
  • Tork98 (Beta tester)
  • Shapeshifter (Beta tester)
  • MaxHwoy (Binary)
  • Archie (Extended Customization)
  • nlgzrgn (Unlimiter & ExOpts)
  • nfsu360 (VltEd)
  • Someone else that I forgot lmao

Visitor Comments

  • WF4123 - 8 months ago
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  • RzrDrake - 8 months ago
    User Date
    The car is cool.
    edited by LRF Modding 8 months ago
  • MuscleCars_V8 - 8 months ago
    User Date

    Awesome mod, but has a small bug in Body Kit 2.

  • XxTitanNFSxX - 8 months ago
    User Date
    rnicks958 months ago

    They will plow it for most wanted nfs too

    • rnicks95 - 8 months ago
      User Date
  • Stevenky24 - 8 months ago
    User Date
    Nice customization you had, i like it 1000/10 for your mod you made it
  • Fabri706 - 7 months ago
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