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File updated on: May 26, 2024

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Converted nfs3psx track into nfs2pc, track 1 out of 15 in nfs3to2 project

Simply move the files into your main game directory, description here:

In GAMEDATA folder:

PC - software graphics of textures and horizon (textures used from nfs3psx)

SE - 3dfx graphics of textures and horizon (textures used from nfs3pc), + track files (TRK and COL)

SPEEDS - replace in case if you want to AI cars drive fast. Otherwise they will use speed data from original track (useless braking etc)
**** Inside Speeds folder are two .QAS files described as alternative. By default, you will have in hometown your car and ai cars behaviour set as in Proving Grounds track, which means ai will be fast, but your car will be little more slippery during drifting. If you rename the alternative files instead of the default ones, you will get Mystic Peaks physics, means your car will be less slippery during drifting, but ai cars will be stupidly slow on the track. (Average player will not recognize the difference in his car anyway)****

AUDIO - for interactive original hometown soundtrack

Scripts folder and dinput.dll are needed for interactive hometown soundtrack during race

I recommend 05 slot (North Country), because of appearing objects on roads from original tracks

Huge thanks to Denis Auroux for files descriptions, it would be never possible without his high quality file description.

Another big thanks to TsTg, who helped me always, when i get stucked in some bigger "technical" problem during developing and converting.

I recommend to look on his Track Extender for nfs2:

This track looks so beautiful and support both graphic textures versions thanks to bug110, he helped a lot and did really great job with textures.

Track would be never fully completed, if there was not original interactive soundtrack from Hometown. Thanks to Jericho a lot for this work.

Also thanks to Hypercycle who alerted me about the similiar structures of files between games and based on which I started it. And for provided textures by him.

Video of race track in both directions here:


  • Version 1.1 uploaded May 26, 2024

    NESCAFE uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.56 MB.

    Interactive original soundtrack added - by Jericho
    Added alternative speed files for change in car and ai behaviour
  • Initial version uploaded April 22, 2024

    NESCAFE uploaded initial version. The original file is 1.56 MB.

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  • AgentMulder - 2 months ago
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    NESCAFE2 months ago
    Nikster19 days ago
    Nice Shot Boy 
  • bug110 - 2 months ago
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    NESCAFE2 months ago
    DrSpeed2 months ago
    Nikster19 days ago

    glad to have helped on this!!

    great work nescafe^^

  • DrSpeed - 2 months ago
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    bug1102 months ago
    NESCAFE2 months ago
    Nikster19 days ago

    Great work, perfect addon!

  • Nikster - 19 days ago
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    NESCAFE9 days ago
    This is what we actually need

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