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Night Coast

Night Coast
Added On September 12, 2023
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File updated on: September 13, 2023

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Custom created track. This is A to B point track, works best with my unlocked pack where you can set laps in race to 1. The finish usually teleports when more laps set. Backwards direction is not possible on this track.

Replaces TR00 Proving Grounds

Move files (col/hrz/trk/qfs)  into GAMEDATA/TRACKS/SE folder.
Make backup of your original files first.

(for replaced nfs2sea.exe make sure you set again compatibility and properities to run it)

Only for 3dfx version


  • Version 1.1 uploaded September 13, 2023

    NESCAFE uploaded a new version. The new file is 664.38 KB.

    Added modified nfs2sea.exe into pack
  • Initial version uploaded September 12, 2023

    NESCAFE uploaded initial version. The original file is 664.38 KB.

Visitor Comments

  • pete9516 - 3 months ago
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    EvoX3 months ago
    LRF Modding3 months ago
    NESCAFE3 months ago
    I love the vibe of your nfs2se tracks. When there's a time i'm not too nfs4 addicted, i'll spare no time waiting to try your tracks out in SIM mode :D
  • EvoX - 3 months ago
    User Date
    NESCAFE3 months ago
    pete95163 months ago
    My first computer game. Played with a friend. Pentium 200 and smth. My god. 30 years ago. Now u made  custom tracks for it. Why do I have tears in my eyes?..
    edited by EvoX 3 months ago

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