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Rainny Tropics

Rainny Tropics
Added On March 12, 2023
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File updated on: March 13, 2023

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A Need For Speed II SE custrom track ``Rainny Tropics`` Made/converted by Nescafe, retextured by me.

Any feedback/ suggestions for the track are welcome.

Tools used

- Fshtool

- Photoshop

- HxD

This track is for 3dfx version, modern/veroks patch can be used by bumper camera view racers.

A camera mod fixed nfs2sea.exe is included for 3dfx version. 


  - Make a back up of the target files.

  - Unpack TR030.QFS, TR03.TRK, TR03.COL,3TR03.HRZ using Winrar/winzip/7zip

  - Copy the files and paste it in your alternative or current GAME FOLDER \GAMEDATA\TRACKS\SE

  - paste the nfs2sea.exe in the main game directory

  - Track replaces Pacific Spirits.

    - Done.

           Enjoy !

Discord server for online racing.


  • Version 1.1 uploaded March 13, 2023

    HoticedCoffee uploaded a new version. The new file is 1.91 MB.

    Fixed Tunnel mesh
  • Initial version uploaded March 12, 2023

    NESCAFE, HoticedCoffee uploaded initial version. The original file is 1.92 MB.

Visitor Comments

  • dandresden - 1 year ago
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    It has fallen to the river if we drove to ? Man this is why the Prime of the NFS2 because fall from the cliff/road
    edited by dandresden 1 year ago
    • HoticedCoffee - 1 year ago
      User Date
      dandresden1 year ago

      Yeah in the tunnel section `window side` where it says under construction, you will fall off if u go near that. its a conversion glitch but i managed to make it fit in the track. i hope xD

    • dandresden - 1 year ago
      User Date
      HoticedCoffee1 year ago
      Man, that's why the NFS2 feels like Hot Wheels racing
      edited by dandresden 1 year ago

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