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Underground 2 Events Mod

 Underground 2 Events  Mod

My take on Underground 2 Event Plus Mod.

This isn't like other UG2 mods. You have seen before Bayview has set up new set of events. That adds more variety and new game modes that no one has seen to try thinks it's even possible. It's called the Event Plus Bayview Tournament


Almost all events are tournament

The event has been swapped (URL and SUV are unchanged)

The more balanced and realistic performance parts price

Unlocked all visual customizations

Unhide events and shops

Removed star rating

Max traffic on all events

Enabled traffic in SUV races

Fixed corolla being the only car the ai drives

Balanced car unlocks according to NFS fandom

Game mode types

Street X in circuit, sprint URL

Drag events in circuit, sprint

URL Drag (Don't try it unless you have to)

Sprint in Drag, Drift

Circuit in Drag, Drift Street X

And More


Overev (For making binary scripts)




Changelog: as of version 2.33

What new?

Added Lightweight Handling Mod, Olympic Imports.

Also check out the new sponsor cars

Added Removed events SUV restrictions. And set them to false

Changed menu icon and events. Using Most Wanted & Carbon style icons

Better Updated Window Damage Textures (Credit goes to Tomatokillz)

Restored the hidden drift test track (4341)


Fixed Beta Jade Livery from MW PS2 Demo

Added more of Desanosan24 Liverys

Added Vinyl Pack Corolla, Skyline, Mustang (Credit goes to AJLethal)

Better carbon fiber texture (Credit goes to AJLethal)

Classic decals mod (Credit goes to AJLethal)

Customization Plus (Credit goes to KylaAngelineKZYeng)

NFS World Plates

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by Hard+ Team

(C) All rights reserved

Additional Screenshots


Update #1 - 23 days ago

Changelog: 2.34
What's new?
All cars has been unlocked except for lock pad car only unlockable at final race
Changed Safe house icon with MW Counterpart
Increased outrun money payout and stage 0 events
All shops now show at the start of the game. Entering them with loan skyline might crash the game if you even want to try to

Added 1 more PS2 Demo Livery for EVO 8

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    If anyone want to suggested or test out. Feel free to join discord server and feedback :)


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