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Lada 1200s (NFSU1)

Lada 1200s (NFSU1)
Another russian car I decided to make for NFS Underground 1. Its base model will be taken from Lada Racing Club and it will replace Mazda Miata.
This project has been completed and is available for download!
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Additional Screenshots


Update #3 - 8 days ago

The Lada 1200s is now completed and uploaded.

Update #2 - 10 days ago

- Added even more parts to this car
- Vinyls are now fully supported as I fully remapped entire body

Update #1 - 11 days ago

- Added more parts for this Kopeyka (most of them are taken from GTA San Andreas, few parts are custom like headlights and taillights)

Visitor Comments

#Aero - 11 days ago


EvoX - 11 days ago


LRF Modding - 11 days ago

3rd pic looks like a rallycross-or-rally-made bodykit. Interesting.

Eevee - 11 days ago

@LRF Modding If you're talking about the white one, its racing bodykit from LRC, but if you are talking the about orange one - then its just custom bodykit using parts from GTA San Andreas with similar headlights removal like Latvia's drag 2101 with Mustang engine.

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