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KREW Vinyl Pack for MW05 v2

KREW Vinyl Pack for MW05 v2

KREW Vinyl Pack for MW05 v2

I had planned to improve the current vinyl pack with this new version, which is a restart from the current vinyl pack.

Vinyls are now vectorized/transparent background (no more using whites), and added with new cars.


PaintingRainbows -2022  Acura NSX Type-S  (NC1) 

Honda S2000 (AP1) - Done

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento - WIP

Porsche 911 GT1 Strassenversion - WIP

Aston Martin Valkyrie - Done

GoldenGlare - Mercedes-AMG GT '15 - WIP

Toyota Supra (JZA80) - Done

SRT Viper GTS (2013) - Done

Hennessey Venom F5 - Done

Lamborghini Revuelto - WIP

ItsFunneh - McLaren F1 - Done

Koenigsegg Jesko - Done

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34) - Done

Nissan GT-R (R35) - Done

Subaru Impreza 22B STi - WIP

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 (C8) - Done

Lunar Eclipse - Toyota GT86 - WIP

Nissan Z Proto - Done

Mazda RX-7 (FD3S) - Done

McLaren 765LT - Done

Rossion Q1 - Done

Brabham BT62 - WIP

DraconiteDragon - Nissan Silvia (S15) - Done

Lexus LFA - WIP

Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86) - WIP

Bugatti EB110 Super Sport - Done

Ford GT (Mk2) - WIP

Bugatti Divo - Done

Bugatti La Voiture Noire - Done

Special Vinyls:

ItsFunneh - Koenigsegg Jesko (10M Subs Version) - WIP

Q: What happened to the other cars that has not been in the list?
A: I had planned recently to bring it back, but I can't do it just yet. (Because of some plans & stuff for the Unlimiter v4.)

Q: Are you planning to make your own vinyl overhaul that's similar to Vee's?

A: I'm planning on it, but there's no custom vinyls (CUSTOMXX), and I still have school stuff to do, it'll start soon.

You are allowed to make requests on the Requests forum of the League 49 Design Studio in the League 49 Discord Server: , in DMs (Discord username: sonic49ph) or in this website.

© 2022-2023 Sonic49PH of League 49


Update #26 - 2 months ago

- Removed some of seldom cars that aren't needed to boost progress

Update #25 - 2 months ago

- Removed NSX and 350Z to speed up progress
- Replaced Intensa Emozione with BT62

Update #24 - 3 months ago

- Replaced LVN with Intensa Emozione for Lunar.
- Updating some that I forgot

Update #23 - 4 months ago

- Supra, RX-7 vinyls are done

Update #22 - 5 months ago

- EB110 vinyl is now done.
- Replaced Miura Concept with Revuelto.

Update #21 - 5 months ago

- Forgot to put progress percentage, apologies

Update #20 - 5 months ago

- The following vinyls are done:
PaintingRainbows (S2000, Valkyrie)
GoldenGlare (Venom F5, SRT Viper GTS)
ItsFunneh (Skyline GT-R (BNR34, 3 versions))
Lunar Eclipse (Z Proto)

- Miura Concept added for GoldenGlare

Update #19 - 5 months ago

- Correction: F1 is already done, nvm abt it

Update #18 - 5 months ago

- Vinyls for the F1, Silvia, Q1, and Z06 C8 are done

Update #17 - 5 months ago

- Some stuff on this project has been removed for project ease

- 2 vinyls are now done (Draco (LVN), Funneh (F1))

Update #16 - 6 months ago

- Added rybetasz's Skyline GT-R for Funneh

Update #15 - 6 months ago

- Project status returned to active. Nice to be back to the NFS Community!

Update #14 - 6 months ago

- Planning to make support for Unlimiter v4 (Next week or two)

Update #13 - 7 months ago

- New cars have been added:
Bugatti La Voiture Noire (Lunar Eclipse and DraconiteDragon)
Rossion Q1 (Lunar Eclipse)
Chevy Corvette Z06 (C8) (ItsFunneh)

- This project will still be on hold until I got internet connection on my PC to download the said car mods and Unlimiter v4.

Update #12 - 7 months ago

- Project on hold, my own copy of MW05 needs to be reinstalled and the mods for it (continuing when I now have the Unlimiter v4)

Update #11 - 8 months ago

- Added Aftrmrket's 22B Impreza for Funneh

Update #10 - 8 months ago

- Some vinyls are in WIP due to accidental erasure.

Update #9 - 8 months ago

- Aftrmrket's McLaren F1 will be included

Update #8 - 9 months ago

- Project status returned to active.

Update #7 - 9 months ago

- Project on hold due to a broken monitor :(

Update #6 - 9 months ago

- Some liveries are done (check description, wil make some fixes soon before releasing)

Update #5 - 10 months ago

- Funneh's Jesko Vinyls are now done (there are 2 of them, the 10M special has the same stuff as the other one, but there are added design)
- GoldenGlare's Venom F5 Vinyl is now done
- Added Aston Martin Valkyrie for PaintingRainbows

Update #4 - 10 months ago

- Added ItsFunneh 10M subs special vinyl for the Jesko
- Corrections with the project description

Update #3 - 11 months ago

- DraconiteDragon Divo vinyl and Lunar Eclipse FD RX-7 vinyl is done

Update #2 - 12 months ago

- Changed the Bolide to Divo

Update #1 - 12 months ago

- Added Bugatti Bolide Concept

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  • Fabri_Z.0.6 - 1 year ago
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  • tagless - 5 months ago
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    When you say "vectorized", do you mean that there's some way to make Vinyls work with .svg files? Or simply that the vinyls were made as .svg files initially and then scaled to 512x or 1024x? Either way, neat!
    • Sonic49PH - 4 months ago
      User Date
      It was meant to be transparent, unlike my previous version of this mod, where there is white background, and yes, I'm making versions for both 512 and 1024.  I also need to compress the final product as 7Zip file to reduce the file size if I'm going to distribute it (also I use DDS format not SVG, I apologize for the mistake I made on the description.)

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