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Most Wanted On the Edge

Most Wanted On the Edge
Gameplay overhaul for Most Wanted 2005.

Nearly all aspects of the game related to gameplay (that can be configured) have been changed.

The cars received a complete performance overhaul. Each has strengths and weaknesses, but they all compete with each other much better now. Overall grip was reduced significantly, while keeping the average speed close to the original.

No new cars were added (yet), but 9 bonus vehicles can now be purchased and upgraded.

The main focus of the first version is career mode. New races have been added (18 so far), and the progression was readjusted. Cash rewards were increased, and now scale with average completion time. Pricing of parts and cars were also updated.

Changed available milestones and their rewards. Most bosses now have a priority milestone with higher bounty reward. These can be more difficult or take more time to complete, and they are usually related to the boss' strength.

Speedtrap milestones were also updated. A few spawn points were moved, but most importantly the speeds increased. New speeds were set with the rival car, then adjusted.

Slightly increased required races and milestones for some bosses, and overhauled bounty progression.

Boss' reward markers were changed. Removed most of the visual upgrade markers, instead all bosses have at least one cash marker. 3 full sets of junkman parts can now be obtained during career, including nitro.

The racing AI received a difficulty increase in a few different ways. Higher skill, custom AI specific car presets and tweaked shortcut chances. Rubberbanding was not removed, but it's being closely monitored during testing, and I have not encountered issues so far.

Pursuits have been changed to make risky maneuvers more dangerous. I avoided cop spam, and stuck with a more vanilla style overall. There is also a minimum heat level once you progress far enough.

Traffic patterns were changed. Variety was increased, and some unused or drag exclusive traffic vehicles were enabled. Density is a bit different in each region, but by far the highest on highways.

Many other parts of the game were changed too, including adjustments to smackables (destructible objects), collisions, bonus car presets, and more.

Like in the original game, some real values were used as a base for the cars, however, this is NOT a realism mod in any way.

Graphics is untouched, instead compatibility with graphical mods is planned.


Cars: ~95% (final testing and refinement stage)

Career: ~40% (done up to #9 Earl)

Challenge Series: planned for version 2, currently in design phase

This is a one man project, so development speed is tied to my free time.


Update #2 - 2 days ago

New races for #9 Earl
Added track maps and minimaps for the new races
Changed reward markers
Updated more tollbooths
Adjustments to top speeds and refinements to AI car presets

Update #1 - 11 days ago

The performance overhaul of cars is finished, and now only needs refinements.
Restored some unused milestones for career, and adjusted available milestones for bosses.

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