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Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed difference of patchs

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 5:21 AM
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So i wanted to ask about differences of patch available for Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed if anyone here knows.

First, i know about IPLounge and that you can patch the game with it for online playing and it should work just fine, im not asking about that.

i found Enhanced Edition and Complete Patch.

I read readme/table of content of both patchs but... I dont know which features and fixes are good and which are worse in one or another and which i should choose and why.

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 7:51 AM
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Use the complete patch from Tuurngait. It has the Enhanced patch intergrated (at least it was in older versions of his patch).
It also has the fixed exe for CPU clock > 2,1 GHz and other neat fixes. Just follow the instructions and you should be good.

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 12:20 PM
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well the thing is... Complete patch looks good and would use it, but im doing some research on nfs1-6 patches

complete patch has
Code: [Select]
- Updated to version 3.5 (latest official EA patch).
- Fixed low textures quality, damage model and driver animation on CPUs faster than 2,1 GHz.
- Fixed the accidental closing of pits using B button.
- Fixed menu color depth to 32 bit.
- Fixed ocassionally missing lens flare effect.
- Fixed dashboard meters/headlight bug after driving on night tracks.
- Fixed wrong speedometer for some cars when driving on night tracks.
- Fixed pic16.fsh crash and other compatibility issues.
- Fixed possible speed boost for the 993 Carrera S.
- Workaround for DX7 crashes and no resolutions by switching to nGlide.
- Replaced all 3rash drivers with the latest Voodoo modules.
- Added more realistic looking reflections to the cars.
- Added official EA AddOn cars.
- Optional compatibility fixes when installing Porsche.sdb.

and Essentials
Code: [Select]
1. All the 4 Official addon cars - Porsche 911 GT2, GT3, 928 GTS and 959.
2. Patch files to update game to V3.5.20040310 Enhanced - last official patch, patch notes can be found in the readme folder in the enhanced folder.
3. Porsche.exe executable with fix for >2.1 GHz processors - to allow proper loading of textures on modern processors.
4. Additional fixes/features - a full list can be found in Game Fixes and Extras
5. A clean savegame with all the fixes applied (you can use tools such as NFS5 File editor to change the name and photo).


Game Fixes and Extras:
1. Porsche 356s now use the correct HUD tachometer which is the same as the one you see in dashboard view.
2. The high speed gearbox upgrade 3rd and 4th gear ratios for the Porsche 356s had been adjusted to more realistic values.
3. The bumpers of the Porsche 356A Speedster models can be upgraded like all the other 356As.
4. All Porsche 356Bs now come with standard bumpers as stock instead of the upgraded ones.
5. Bumpers upgrade part for the Porsche 356Bs no longer costs the same as the standard bumpers.
6. The 1600 S90 engine of the Porsche 356Bs is available from 1960 onwards, not 1962.
7. Porsche 550A Spyder no longer have no tire part fitted.
8. Bumpers upgrade #4 part (Carrera RS bumpers) is only available from 1973 onwards and is also the more expensive one, not upgrade #2.
9. Rim parts for the Porsche 911s now also changes the shape of the rim depending on the type of rim installed.
10. The 1972 Porsche 911s now use a different set of rims as compared to the 1965-1967 ones, style 1 and 4 had been updated to use the unused textures (unpainted Cookie Cutters and black painted Fuchs), while the rims of the 911 Carrera RS 2.7 can be changed also.
11. The bumpers of the 1972 Porsche 911s can be upgraded like on the 1965-1967 911s.
12. Final gear ratio of the close ratio and high speed gearbox for the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 had been adjusted (close ratio shouldn't allow a higher top speed than the high speed).
13. Slicks and rain tires for the Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2.7 no longer costs the same as the stock tires.
14. The high performance exhaust system upgrade part for the Porsche 911 (930) no longer have no effect on the performance of the car.
15. The 1975 Porsche 911 (930) 3.0 Turbo now uses its own set of tires and not the Carrera RS 2.7 ones.
16. The more expensive bumpers upgrade #2 part for the Porsche 944 should be the one that improves aerodynamics more compared to the cheaper upgrade #1 part.
17. After upgrading the bumpers of the Porsche 944, fog lamps will also be installed, so the fog lights no longer shine directly from the bumper.
18. First gear ratio of the 1987 high speed gearbox for the Porsche 944 had been adjusted (first gear shouldn't be so long).
19. Whale-tail spoiler upgrade for Porsche 911 (964)s is only available from 1991 onwards, not 1981.
20. GT2 engine lid upgrade is available for Porsche 911 (993) Cabriolet and Targa models.
21. Rims style 4 is available as an upgrade to all Porsche 911 (993)s, and is standard on the Carrera 4S (fixes the bug where the rims changes to style 4 from style 1 after you switch to a different car at the dealer).
22. Porsche 911 (993) Carrera S can be upgraded with the professional racing brake package.
23. Porsche 911 (993) Carrera S and 4S carbon fiber quarterpanels upgrade part is interchangeable with the 911 (993) Turbo, and not the standard models as they are using the turbo style body (also fixes the bug where both carbon fiber quarterpanels upgrade parts are offered for sale for the Carrera S).
24. Porsche Boxster rims style 2 part is available from 1997 onwards, not 2000.
25. Replacement ECU upgrade part for 911 (996) Turbo is available in 2000, not 100.
26. Carbon fiber hood and fiberglass quaterpanels upgrade parts for the 911 (996) Turbo is available in 2000, not 1998.
27. Removed speedster decklid and hardtop upgrade part for the bonus factory driver Porsche Boxster (this is because it causes a texture glitch when applied).
28. Removed rims part from all bonus factory driver cars (this is because it causes a texture glitch when applied).
29. All official addon cars (Porsche 911 GT2, GT3, 928 GTS, 959) can be purchased in evolution mode and have their own set of parts (however there are no upgrade parts for them as they have no effect on the performance, however you can still adjust the car's settings).
30. Accessing the showcase of the Porsche 928 GTS no longer crashes the game.
31. All official addon cars and bonus factory driver cars are allowed to race in evolution mode as long as it fits the criteria.
32. Golden era Porsche 911s, the 964 and 993 generation 911s as well as the 928 GTS now uses the correct HUD tachometer types.
33. The Porsche 911 (993) Carrera S now uses the correct HUD MPH speedometer.
34. Porsche Boxster, 911 (996), GT1 and GT3 now uses the correct HUD KPH speedometer types at night.
35. Adjusted interior dashboard speedometer range on most cars so that they are slightly more accurate (at least it won't go exceeding the speedometer by a lot at higher speeds).
36. Fixed 1967 Porsche 911 (901) Targa interior dashboard tachometer range (it no longer points downwards).
37. Cop files for all Monte Carlo tracks (for use with the fuzzyfuz cheat code).
38. Windows does not turn opaque after it has been cracked (except for the traffic bus which already has opaque windows when not damaged).
39. TPG file for the 356B Carrera 2 German cop car has been fixed so the car won't show up glitched or crash the game if you obtain it by using hacks.
40. 914 trophy tournament opponent vehicles no longer have 2.0L engine upgrades as the tournament is set in 1970, where the 2.0 model has not been sold yet.


NFSPU Enhanced Version 3.5.20040310


Game Enhancements

Windows 2000/XP support
The game now runs more efficient on Windows 2000/XP by using the Windows 2000/XP native memory management, not through the emulated Windows 95/98 memory management (or any features) of the Windows 2000/XP Application Compatibility Layer.


Game play Enhancements

Game Control shortcuts
You will hardly need the keyboard throughout the game.
Unless you use the keyboard for racing, you will only need the mouse and the game controller. You will still need the keyboard to enter the replay filenames.

Mouse shortcuts are available while racing/replay.
You can access them by right clicking on the screen regions.
| 1 | 2 | 3 |
| 4 | 5 | 6 |
| 7 | 8 | 9 |
1. Cycles damage display styles
2. Toggles rear view mirror
3. Unassigned
4. Unassigned
5. Displays Pause Menu
6. Unassigned
7. Toggles map display
8. Toggles translucency
9. Toggles HUD

For example: To display/hide the HUD, right click the mouse button while the mouse cursor is within region 9; the right bottom screen corner would be easiest.

Right clicks dismiss the Pause Menus. Therefore, you can pause the game by right clicking the screen center, and continue the game by right clicking anywhere.

Mouse shortcuts are available while the game displaying a Summary dialog.
You can access them by right clicking on the screen regions.
|   |       |
|   |       |
| 1 |   2   |
|   |       |
|   |       |
1. Pressing escape (left 1/3 screen width)
2. Pressing spacebar (right 2/3 screen width)

You should always end an after-race replay by clicking on the eject button on the replay control. If you end an after-race replay through the Pause Menu, the race result will be discarded, but not the car damages.

84-car limit
This allows 84 cars instead of 80 (or fixed 83, if you play evolution mode first and get 80 cars, then get three cars from factory driver mode).

Now you can own up to 84 cars. This is enough to get all 80 legal cars in evolution mode, plus three bonus cars from factory driver mode (ignoring the order of completion) and one extra for buy/sell.

Sell with the current value
Sell offer price dialog will have the current value as the default value.
You can now do the Buy-Repair-Sell cycle quickly.

Repair with OVERALL selected
Repair from Garage has the OVERALL initially selected, if there is any damage.
You can now Repair all damages quickly.


Race Enhancements

Car control after the finish
You will not lose control of your car after the finish. This allows you to make a stylish end for a good replay.

Full screen racer/in-car view
This replaces the rooftop camera view (the default first view) with a full screen racer/in-car view.
This new view mode actually is dashboard view (the default second view) without the dashboard (and the car). It gets the same point of view and sound ambiance (gear changes etc.) as the dashboard view. This might also increase the feel of speed because it is closer to the road.
You are now racing the car, not controlling it through a microphone equipped camera placed on the rooftop.

Race reset shortcut
To reset the race, press the car reset twice quickly.
The first time will reset the car, if possible.
The second time will reset the race.
Resetting the car is not always possible; therefore, it is easiest to just keep hitting the car reset repeatedly.

Using digital game pad controllers
This game assumed all joysticks are analog devices. Analog devices supposed to make gradual axis changes. Some game pad drivers report themselves controlling joysticks, but their axis can only do extremes, thus the jerky steering movement.

Now you can use digital game pad controllers.
Use the dead zone adjustment in the controller option page to set whether a controller is digital or analog.
To set as digital, set the minimum dead zone slider (the inner slider) of the appropriate axis (usually X axis) of the appropriate controller (in the dropdown list) to maximum (the outermost). Anywhere below maximum is analog. You can check the result by using the steering wheel in the dashboard view.
This digital mode is actually the keyboard mode.

This has been tested on the parallel port PlayStation DualShock in digital mode using DirectPad Pro driver and the Microsoft Sidewinder game pad.

Digital meter with analog meters
Now there are digital meters with the analog meters. Select analog for meters in display option.
To get the new default HUD positions with existing racer, delete your .hud file. New racer will get new default HUD.
The new HUD positions have the meters rearranged quite nicely and the speedometer moved slightly upward to avoid overlapping the replay control (in 640x480 screen resolution), all with minimal changes.
To move both digital and analog meter, drag the overlapped region of both meters.

Dashboard meters/headlight bug fix
Cars now get the appropriate dashboard (dark/light) and headlight startup (on/off) for day and night tracks.


Replay Enhancements

Re-play the replay
The replays are re-playable (all replay files and some after-race replay).
Pressing Esc no longer ejects a replay, but instead displays the Pause Menu. To re-play select Race Again.
Perfect your race, or get some replays; see if you can beat them.

Exit to Windows from replay
Because pressing Esc no longer ejects a replay but instead displays the Pause Menu, you can exit to Windows from a replay.

You should always end an after-race replay by clicking on the eject button on the replay control. If you end an after-race replay through the Pause Menu, the race result will be discarded, but not the car damages.

HUD for Replay Analysis
You can do replay analysis after the race and on replay files. This might help you improve your racing.
To display the HUD, press F5 key.
You can also use the new mouse shortcuts.
The usual in-game keys are available: F5, F6, F7, F8, Tab, +, -.

Summary in replay
To display the summary, click the summary button in the replay controls.
On first replay, the replay's Track Records table is available.
Once the race is finished, Race Summary is available.

Paused replay's end
A complete replay (player reached the finish) will be paused at the end, and then the Race Summary/Track Records will popup. This allows you to do something before ejecting.

Dashboard view in replay
You have dashboard view in replay in the last view. You might learn something from the steering wheel movement.

Game controller 'View' in replay
Game controller 'View' works in replay, cycling the camera views.

Secondary controls in replay
Horn and lights are available in replay.
Just for fun.

Multiplayer input exchange replay
Replay is available for multiplayer, if the mode of data exchange is input exchange.

Longer save replay filenames
Replay filenames are up to 63 characters long (the internal buffer limit).

Better lists
Highlighter in the replay filenames list box (and others) is positioned on the last selected item.
You can now replay sequentially.

Better clicks
Double clicks are handled as single clicks. This allows you to quickly clicks the controls (i.e. camera in replay) and get the result as many as the clicks.

HUD configuration are saved in replay
Moving (or clicking) HUD elements in replay saves the HUD configuration, just like in racing.

Use HUD config 1 when no hud file
When there is no hud file for the replay file, then the default HUD config 1 is used.


Other Enhancements

Showcase in the Garage and Used Car
Showcase is available from the Garage, for the car that you own, and from the Used Car, for the car you are going to buy.

Use the complete patch from Tuurngait. It has the Enhanced patch intergrated (at least it was in older versions of his patch).
It also has the fixed exe for CPU clock > 2,1 GHz and other neat fixes. Just follow the instructions and you should be good.
Both versions have some fixes but exes are very different, and also some others files were different in hex comparation. When i compared original v3.5 eawith Tuurngait exe i saw just a few changes -> it is based on original nocd exe.

thats why i asked in the first place  :)

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 3:13 PM
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Oh, well. Never did an in-depth hex analysis of these patches.
However, Tuurngait definitely based his work on the Enhancement patch at first. I also have screenshoted the old thread Feature-List, where this was also stated (see Attachment).
- Updated to version 3.5 "Enhanced Edition" with all its fixes and improvements.

But things have changed i see. I guess the new version is based on the original 3.5 patch.
I can only test them on Win10 now.

What i noticed is, that all patches seem to fix the texture LOD issue with high-clock (>2.1Ghz) CPUs.
But only with Tuurngaits patches i also get proper animations (e.g. when shifting gears).
Tuurngaits patches will also add the EA-addon cars automatically.

Tuurngaits older patch (take a look yourself: disabled the gimme.dll, which removes all profile pictures, but has all the Enhanced patch features (like the HUD right-mouse-button controls and controlable car in finish).

Tuurngaits recent patch is more puristic, so you have the default game with default features, simply running on modern systems.

Thats the most important stuff i can think of. All patches work with nglide. And all these patches have the 84 car limit instead of 80 if i recall correctly. Please correct me if i got something wrong...

Are you planning to make a "Keiiko PU-Patch"? :)

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 3:46 PM
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hmmm... interesting... thanks for info MADMAN, I'll look at it later this week

Are you planning to make a "Keiiko PU-Patch"? :)

Nope, just installation guide... I'm missing nfs5 and 6, i already did previous ones ;)

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on: Nov 12, 2017, 4:36 PM
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I don't remember where it was available anymore but there was a mod for NFS5 which added back many beta things such as certain gearbox upgrades which added gears, as well as some bug fixes in car performance and a full set of dedicated upgrades to the official addon cars with their own names in them.

It was my favorite mod ever made for this game and I can't imagine myself playing through PU again without it, but it was not popular with the people who were later dedicated to preserving the game (mostly online players who cringed at the mere mention of a possible bugfix that changed car performance).

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on: Nov 13, 2017, 12:43 PM
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Never heard of such a mod you described and im very interested. Do you remember the name of this mod or sites where it was available?
Do you have this mod backuped or is it still available somewhere?

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on: Nov 14, 2017, 2:03 AM
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Never heard of such a mod you described and im very interested. Do you remember the name of this mod or sites where it was available?
Do you have this mod backuped or is it still available somewhere?

I don't have it as a backup.

It was available at one of the old German websites.

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on: Aug 07, 2018, 9:20 AM
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First thing, I'm glad that I didn't have to resurrect this thread as it's not even 1 year old. That means that I will hopefully not just make an archive post for myself, but also provide information for others and possibly even get more info from you.

I was also confused while trying to get Porsche Unleashed to run on Windows 10 and also to make it the best version available.
What I quickly figured out by comparing files is that it is best to install NFS5 Essentials first, then Complete Patch.
NFS5 Essentials doesn't even make the game playable in Win10 as it doesn't have the needed dll's in Drivers folder for use with nGlide. So this fact alone suggests it is better to install it first.
It is most useful for the 40 fixes, most of them are for Evolution mode. I have no idea how necessary they really are, but looking at the list, they mostly corrected historic discrepancies.

As for Enhanced Patch and everything else from Downloads page, I don't think any download is needed if you have the above 2 patches.

I also wanted to know what each file does, so that I could decide which ones to keep.

NFS5 Essentials
FEData\Data\ - unlocks all cars, I guess it is not needed for the 40 fixes that are listed in the Game Fixes and Extras.txt

Not needed files:
gimme.dll - size 4.599.863 B, in Complete Patch it is 5.120 B, but I don't know what I can conclude from this, I only know from past that it is a memory manager as it wasn't advisable to delete it in Win XP. And that low size in Complete Patch suggest they removed a lot of things from it, so I'm not completely sure here.
Porsche.exe - only because the file is newer in Complete Patch, 29.12.2015 instead of 11.10.2011, I don't know which is actually better
SaveData\8Player.sav - before you get to the main menu it crashes to desktop, but Googling today I found this is a known issue

Complete Patch
Porsche.exe - fixed exe so that you don't get low quality textures, of course V3.5, I haven't compared anything else, let alone in HEX viewer
Drivers\dx7z.dll and voodoo2z.dll - needed for the game to work with nGlide
GameData\CarModel\carcmn.fsh - Chrome Patch, and a very good one, I haven't yet tried all of them from, but it's way better than the 14.2.2004 one, Reflection Mod by SPYRacer
GameData\Simulation\CarData\993coupeS36.sim - I think this file is for "Fixed possible speed boost for the 993 Carrera S" which is listed in readme_mod.txt
It is also a file in which it is easiest to find differences in HEX viewer, as it is only 328 B. Before that, I didn't even knew I also have to watch for file dates, as almost all fixed files in these patches have the same size as original files from 2000.

Not needed files:
FeData\Locale\festrings.loc - the file is original from V3.5 with date 3.4.2000, in NFS5 Essentials it has date 25.3.2015
GameData\DashHud\speedKN.fsh - same one is already in NFS5 Essentials
I don't exactly know what it does, but my first guess would be that it has to do something with a speedometer.
I think this describes it, from NFS5 Essentials readme:
34. Porsche Boxster, 911 (996), GT1 and GT3 now uses the correct HUD KPH speedometer types at night.
From Complete Patch readme:
- Fixed dashboard meters/headlight bug after driving on night tracks.
- Fixed wrong speedometer for some cars when driving on night tracks.

And then I also have a Porsche 928 dilemma.
NFS5 Essentials
928d.fsh and 928l.fsh - date 10.12.2002
From readme:
30. Accessing the showcase of the Porsche 928 GTS no longer crashes the game.

Complete Patch
928.crp, 928.tpg, 928D.fsh and 928L.fsh - date 27.1.2011
No info in readme.
I haven't used these, as I don't know what they do and I haven't found any differences with HEX viewer (I'm not saying there aren't any).
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on: Aug 08, 2018, 5:02 AM
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Hello and welcome to the forum GrimReaper.

Indeed, there are definitely fixes in the "NFS5 Essentials" (Link) package that not come with the "Complete" patch. Especially the numerous car and car-part fixes.
Like you said, to get all fixes you have to combine the patches. Totally agree with the order of installation here: first NFS5 Essentials, then Complete Patch.

@Keiiko, you wanted to take a deeper look at this as well - could you make any interesting conclusions?

Another thing i noticed: Someone at IPLounge pointed out that there is a different, better, fix for the animation bug (e.g. during shifting gears) for the executable existing.
Unfortunately it seems no one there was really willing to look into that. Actually i gotta say, i find the responses there almost ignorant (Óla "its okay the way it is, dont bother us"). The provided file is not available anymore.
So im not sure this fix made it into the Complete patch...

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on: Aug 08, 2018, 5:55 AM
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Yeah, i can look into that once i get to it, then ill say what doing what and if it worth using it ;)

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on: Aug 08, 2018, 9:40 AM
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Great Works all you Guy's here on this i had to say this at-least! an Much Luck to you guys. sound's like a Great Mod to Fix up,even tho i don't know much about it as of yet.
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My NFS Pics Site

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on: Aug 12, 2018, 11:37 AM
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On NFSCars, A Future Pilot already made a Combined Patch, I also helped him with minor details.

I also saw that topic. Too bad I can't do much about it as download link expired.
But I can at least:
1. Login to I already registered, but admin needs to activate my account. I emailed [RS]JMac, but his last post is more than 1 year old, so he rarely visits the forum. So I also emailed [RS]Razr and [RS]Bart and asked if they can contact one of the admins, but no response from them either.
2. Try how the hand behaves in Win98 with a slower processor.

In the meanwhile I also got a lot of answers by reading the forum. For example, here is the answer to why the Porsche 928 files have 2011 date:
Tuurngait just took the files from their download page, he even noticed they are from 2011, but he didn't find it that strange, so he left it like that.

And in the NFSCars topic I found out the exe from NFS5 Essentials doesn't have any more enhancements than the one in Complete Patch:
Didn't do any hex editing other than the 32-bit menu fix. However the exe had modifications for loading the highest quality textures on processors above 2.1 GHz

EDIT 13.8.2018:
I tried the game in PCem and Win95, the hand movement is just slightly slower, but that's because it emulates Pentium 233.
What I couldn't figure out is why the textures are low quality. Emulated processor is certainly not too fast and I have everything set to High.

Then I read this topic again:
On the other hand, maybe the Hand fix Exe is exactly what Im describing - Enhanced exe that just took a step further and completely solved the hand problem.
So I had to try the Enhanced Edition exe (12.9.2012) to see if the hand movement is really worse than in Complete Patch. And it is worse, hand moves just from wheel to gearstick, but it stutters.

With older exe's, 16.3.2000 from MYTH rip v3.0 and 26.6.2000 from official EA v3.5 (interestingly, made from MYTH exe, you can still see the signature) the hand goes all over the place, from horn to gearstick to above the dashboard.
And that's all the exe's that even work today, as SafeDisc protection doesn't work in Windows 7 and newer.

So this is 100% fixed in Complete Patch, end of story here.

EDIT 15.8.2018:
Actually not 100%, the hand still stutters sometimes if you have transmission set to automatic, it goes from gearstick to over the dashboard, but not on the horn. Once it even did a big stutter, almost like with no patch.
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on: Aug 12, 2018, 8:04 PM
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Does this mean a NFSPU Expansion Pack is in order? I mean, this is the only thing that would make me consider doing a NFS5EP. Oliver asked me to do that before, but I responded with "I don't know about NFSPU to offer a service of doing NFS5EP" and that is the truth as I have never once modded on NFS5PU, but it's certainly possible at this point. Maybe, a little too late.

I'll admit I haven't read so much on the thread, but it's nighty night for me at the time of posting this.

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on: Sep 24, 2018, 9:51 AM
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Hello I am new to this forum, so please pardon me if I should not ask here.

I have been playing the NFS5 since I was 12, and it is still my favourite game. My online name was HKPeople back then.

Time flies and I am now 30 and I got a fiance.
Recently I tried to explain the concepts of engine, gearbox, rpm and clutch to her.
The game NFS Porsche 2000 popped up in my mind.
I rmb the flickering hand of driver, and broken graphics when I ran it on Win 7 few years ago.
Luckily I found this place, and read the tips on nGlide etc.
Graphics look stunning now and everything seemed to work perfect.. until I start buying cars in Evolution mode.

Go to Car Setup and bam!
Most cars come with performance parts already install.
Huh? What happened? I want a taste of slow and soft handling classic 911s...
Even in single player the cars are maxed out.

Anyone know what might gone wrong?
I installed nglide files, then a mod that let me buy all cars + factory cars in Evo, or race all cars in SP. I also used a Garage.lay which allowed me to add 50000 or jump forward backward years.
I also installed files of car model fixes.
Any tips will be much appreciated!
Love this game for almost 20 years!


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