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Online-Resources of classic NFS titles

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on: Sep 24, 2017, 9:27 AM
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Thanks AJ for clearing things up.  :)
Hope it will be possible to keep the site alive... btw do you know how many GB of space are neccessary to run the website?

The whole site is around 24GB of size ATM

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on: Apr 27, 2018, 2:45 AM
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on: Apr 27, 2018, 3:01 AM
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on: Apr 27, 2018, 12:13 PM
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Thanks for advice noise. That TDR link only got in my reply somehow. The list on the first page has the suggested link already.


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on: Apr 28, 2018, 9:27 PM
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Instead of crossing them out, please provide a link to the internet archive version of those sites.

Would be a good idea for madman to visit those sites every once in a while and try to preserve files. That will make it much easier for people in the future to retrieve files they want. Otherwise, they would have to find someone like us to give them lost files. I know I had to find someone to retrieve long-lost game mods for a game that doesn't exist anywhere in the interweb, and it was a pain.

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on: Apr 28, 2018, 11:09 PM
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The purpose of this thread is to collect valid links to sites that are STILL hosting files (mods, patches, demos, etc.)
of classic Need for Speed games and their special editions (NFS1, NFS2, NFS3, NFS4, NFS5, NFS6).

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.  Updated 04/26/2018

Special thanks to: Remko, noise, ED9M, ExoticLover, Stifen_DY, Reight, Paul Spain, Zalcus20, AJ_Lethal
Thank you for all your support.

Website  Files                        Description
www.nfscars.netNFS 3|4|5|6Largest collection of cars, tracks & tools
www.nfspolicehq.comNFS 3|4|5|6Large collection of police vehicles
www.lespittet.comNFS 3|4|5|6French site with cars (Voitures) & tracks (Circuits)
www.nfshome.comNFS 3|4|5|6Here you find cars, tracks & tools*NFS 4|6Collection of pursuit vehicles, similar to nfspolicehq
www.nfs2003.msk.ruNFS 3|4|5|6Russian site with a nice selection of cars (Машины), tracks (Трассы) & tools
www.nfssupf.narod.ruNFS 3|4|5|6Russian site; Mirror or older version of
www.nfs.gen.trNFS 3|4|6Turkish site with a nice selection of cars (Araba)
www.dippold.orgNFS 3Old archive of Markus Dippold with cars and tracks; site reactivated in 2017
www.gamefront.onlineNFS 4Mirror of former Gamefront site... with cars, tracks and tools, mostly Pre-2001 stuff
www.lonebullet.comNFS 4Archive with cars, tracks and tools; mostly older files around year 2000.
www.nfsplanet.deNFS 5|6German site with cars, tracks & tools
www.needforspeed.skNFS 6Slovak site with cars, tracks & tools
NFS3 ExpansionpackNFS 3Website of the NFS3 Expansion Pack with cars, tracks & fixes (Download as Package)
www.nfsstreetdogs.deNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Small selection of cars, tracks and demo versions - since Hoster-contract expired 97% of downloads deleted in Dec 2013
Le Royaume de XanderNFS 4Small French site with cars and tools
NFS ExperienceNFS 4French site with a bunch of cars and tutorials
www.leflic.netNFS 3Nice little site with some Pre-2000 cars - click the pictures to download
Luke's NFS3 pageNFS 3Small NFS3 website with tracks and cars (mostly by Ryuji Kainoh); partially offline
nfshs.gamebanana.comNFS 4Small site with some older High Stakes cars 3|4|5|6Russian site with cars, tracks and tools
www.nfsko.ruNFS 5|6Russian site, Categories from NFS1-NFS6 (and newer) but partially without mods**NFS 3|4|5Small russian site with a variety of mods, mostly utils
NFS ClassicNFS 3|4Small russian site with some useful files, several dead links must be expected
N4S TracksNFS 4Small site with some rare tracks; first 6 of 16 listed tracks are downloadable
www.nfseditor.deNFS 2|3Several mods and tools for NFS2 and NFS3 from year 1999
www.nfscheats.comNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Small collection of files throughout NFS series
Electronic Arts FTP ServerNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Public EA server with official updates, addons, demos, etc.
www.drivingpassion.netOfflineLast chance for backups: Facebook / Discord / google-drive
Ramm's siteOfflineCzech site with some NFS3 cars (Auta) - click the pictures to download

Author Websites
Website                        Files            Description
VEG's BlogNFS 3|4Modern Patches for NFS3 and NFS4; essential when using mods or a modern OS!
JimDiabolo's siteNFS 4Tracks and Tools by Jim Diabolo, newest Expansion/Stock packs
NFS Rides CRNFS 4Cars & Tracks made by Ariel Aguilar Orozco aka AJ_Lethal
Keiiko's Pirate BayNFS 3|4Czech site with tools & tutorials made by Keiiko
Team RSR's siteNFS 4Projects of Freak-DS, Cooya! and Memphis plus recent Expansion/Stock packs
Blazn MotorsportsNFS 4Cars & Tracks made by blaznmotorsports
Memphis' siteNFS 4Cars made by Raphael Krempel plus projects/cooperations
Benjamin Trapp's siteNFS 4Cars made by Benjamin Trapp (gearFX)
Roby DesignNFS 4Cars made by Roby Design (alternate link - in case of display problems)
STD Design**NFS 4|5Website of Sergi and Alex; download cars, tracks & tools by various authors
Econobrick's CarsNFS 4A bunch of cars made by Econobrick
NetManiac's site**NFS 4Russian site with traffic-replacements (mainly russian brands) & sundries by various authors
NFS ToolboxNFS 3|4Developer site of Jesper Juul-Mortensen with essential tools
Zorro's WebpageNFS 4Some Cars made by Zorro and other authors, small track-section
I.C.E. DesignNFS 4Cars & Tracks made by Nick Iliff aka ICE in 2001
Oxi Designs**NFS 4Some cars made by Oxi Designs in 2002
John Kahler's siteNFS 4Australian site with some unique mods and lot of info; some links point to external sites
4LoWeR ModNFS 44Lower mod with some unique cars & handlings (Download as Package)
The Evil RealmNFS 4Website of PumaY2K with some cars
unBtable's NFS:HS SiteNFS 4Website of unBtable with his track "Canyon" for download
www.digitalthunder.comNFS 3Homepage of Digital Thunder with the DeTomaso Pantera he made for NFS3
Zacabeb's NFS siteNFS 3|4Some reworked track ini files and new license plate font made by Zacabeb in 1999
Denis Auroux's siteNFS 1|2|3|4Home of FSH-Tool, T3ED and QFS-Suite (level as per 2002). Unofficial File Format Specifications.
Fangio DesignOfflineCars & Tracks made by Gert Steidle aka Fangio (Download as Package)

Online Racing
Website                                Content          Description
IP-LoungeNFS 4|5Developer site of the IP-Lounge for NFS4 and NFS5, recent Expansion/Stock packs
H.O.S.S.NFS 4Statistics of online-races, lots of links and information.
needforspeed3.racingNFS 3Community site for NFS3 Online Racing, using Veg's Modern Patch Releases
German eXtreme RacersNFS 4German clan racing in various games, including High Stakes
LIX RacingNFS 4High Stakes racing team, hosting replays of online records
EA OutlawsNFS 3|4|6Online presence of EAO clan

*registration required
**aggressive advertisements - AdBlocker recommended

Big Websites and archives are starting at the top, the bottom section lists webpages of authors and other interesting sites. I also added a brief description of what you can expect to find there.

You are free to post whatever you think fits in here  ;)
Just don't link webarchives (like please.

Comments/Suggestions are welcome.

Regards MADMAN

If a link is not working properly, please send me a private message.
I will try to keep this first post up-to-date, i.e. I will add new links to the list and remove dead ones. 

Quoting this for internet archive purpose. Don't mind that since the last update for this thread in Wayback Machine is in 2017. This should be standard procedure each 4 months.

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on: Apr 30, 2018, 12:57 PM
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Instead of crossing them out, please provide a link to the internet archive version of those sites.
I'll check your suggestion. The thing is, the goal of the service mainly is preserving website-texts.
As was said before, it's a great way to visit old sites with information that is no longer available on "live-servers". Gathering those links would be great for a nostalgia thread, but the intention of this topic is different.
On Fangios site for example you can only access Outback and Congo. The rest of the site is dead. (and these tracks can also be downloaded from various other sources - like nfscars or nfshome).
Other sites have exactly null archived files. I see absolutely no point in listing them here.
But i agree that on the other hand some sites got preserved almost completely, like Ramm's site. So i will look into that.... probably that needs to be decided individually depending on the website.

Would be a good idea for madman to visit those sites every once in a while and try to preserve files. That will make it much easier for people in the future to retrieve files they want. Otherwise, they would have to find someone like us to give them lost files. I know I had to find someone to retrieve long-lost game mods for a game that doesn't exist anywhere in the interweb, and it was a pain.
Well, gathering old apps and files for old games is a pain and will always be a pain. I do check the links when updating the list. But sometimes mistakes can happen.
If one notices a problem, i will be glad if someone points that out politely, so i can fix it.

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on: Apr 30, 2018, 4:39 PM
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In case they ever want to revisit those sites for memory, that's reason to support links to archive with commentary about the state of being of those files, but instruction to get there could work as well. Hmm, it seems that there needs to be two separate threads if the intentions are different. Really well preserved sites should be an auto-include, no doubt.

Also speaking of fangio's site, that Landstrasse Track special Version 1.3 is really interesting, too bad it doesn't exist.

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on: May 01, 2018, 8:02 AM
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I checked the old links. I think there are about 3-4 sites that are preserved in a way, that they are still usable and maybe useful.
Guess i will make a seperate webarchive section for them...

So you can suggest well preserved web.archive sites to be added on the list.
But as a rule of thumb i find following conditions reasonable:
-Website should have at least 50% of the initial available files preserved
-Files are rarely or not available from other sources

About the other sites (about 18 URL's) im not sure what to do with.
Of course I understand the wish for a kind of "history" log or a nostalgia section. Although, these sites ARE listed in the replies of this thread, i also understand a sort of overview would be better.

Unfortunately this will bloat the first post extremely.  :-\

The forum here at nfsaddons sadly has no spoiler function to hide a section.
Maybe a admin could add an empty reply under the first post that i can edit to make "nostalgia" section... idk?
Just feels like the topic might become very confusing when adding all that stuff, into one post.


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on: May 06, 2018, 11:40 AM
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I agree w/ ExoticLover, two different threads are the most useful thing. I.e. someone who wants to search something he needs will have its search way easier if the links offered are all functional than waste time on those unhelping sites.
In case someone wants to look for "historical" sites, or just because he's curious then he can refer to the other thread.
Later, the time you spend updating this main thread will make it stay at the top, despites if both threads are stickied.
Always looking for NFSIISE source code

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on: May 06, 2018, 1:57 PM
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Alright.... i squeezed everything into the first post, by making a new section.
If you ever wanted to know, how many characters are allowed in a post on - i now have the answer for you!  =D
The message exceeds the maximum allowed length (20000 characters).

So, for future editing it would be nice if Remko, or any admin, could add a reply under my first post so i can copy the History section there...
Or i have to start a new thread alternatively...

During that process i found 2 "alive" sites that i have added now
- added
- Ortwind1st's Homepage added

List of added Wayback-Machine and Nostalgia sites (dead websites):
- JP Racing
- RVD's Skinshop
- Ramm's site
- FM HS Mod
- Marko's NFS HS Downloads
- JimiWich's site
- NFS Tracks
- (1999)
- (2000)
- RS Network
- Raya's NFS3 page
- Reesy's NFS3 page
- Yiannis Panakos' site

Good old times.

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on: May 06, 2018, 3:43 PM
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Wow 20,000 letters good job on that Madman :D  an all.
My NFS Pics Site

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on: Jul 03, 2018, 4:29 PM
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Wow, a few site just died recently. Blazin Motorsports, and what else? It was in the same category. Time to use Wayback Machine to archive as much as I could. Zacabeb site no longer accessible.

Also, I found Urban Germany for NFSHS!

Site found -


Damn, the site I found had only dead download links, but I think I'll archive it anyway in case any one wants to redo those cars which I don't think it'll happen, but whatever. On the bright side, there's that Aussie Muscle site which can be found via Wayback machine, but there's more download links there.

Also, I found a few of those cars with Aussie Muscle Wayback Machine. -*/*
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on: Jul 12, 2018, 6:04 AM
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Thanks for the info ExoticLover, i will update the list when i have time.
I will also make a new topic for the history/nostalgia section since everything got too bloated (like i feared) and also the forums post-length restriction is reached.

Yea, noticed that with Zacabebs as well. Actually the linked site was part of a, well, swedish version of the Wayback Machine ( Seems they shut down lot of sites, cause of a new EU guideline.

Urban Germany was made for High Stakes only, so i not really understand your excitement there.  :)
Currently it seems to only be available at the streetdogs site.,id2270,urban_germany.html
I think its not on the big sites, cause of author policy, only allowing upload exclusively.

The Madmax site is dead long time, unfortunately. But its a good addition for the history thread indeed.
AussieMuscle site has many files archived. Thanks for info again.


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on: Aug 01, 2018, 1:34 PM
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List updated.

Moved list of Wayback-Machine and Nostalgia sites to new Nostalgia/History thread. added
-2Torcs Labs added
-Aussie Muscle's site added to Webarchive section

-Blazn Motorsports offline
-Zacabeb's NFS site offline

edit: another update... Zacabebs site was completely preserved at
-Zacabeb's NFS site added to Webarchive section

-4LoWeR 1.0 Mod offline
-EA finally put down their old FTP with many files for some vintage games, including the NFS series
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