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Online-Resources of classic NFS titles

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on: Apr 05, 2014, 5:31 AM
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The purpose of this thread is to collect valid links to sites that are STILL hosting files (mods, patches, demos, etc.)
of classic Need for Speed games and their special editions (NFS1, NFS2, NFS3, NFS4, NFS5, NFS6).

A history log containing websites that went down or changed the content, you can find in a seperate thread here.

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.  Updated 10/12/2018

Special thanks to: Remko, noise, ED9M, ExoticLover, Stifen_DY, Reight, Paul Spain, Zalcus20, AJ_Lethal
Thank you for all your support.

Website  Files                        Description
www.nfscars.netNFS 3|4|5|6Largest collection of cars, tracks & tools
www.nfspolicehq.comNFS 3|4|5|6Large collection of police vehicles
www.lespittet.comNFS 3|4|5|6French site with cars (Voitures) & tracks (Circuits)
www.nfshome.comNFS 3|4|5|6Here you find cars, tracks & tools
www.emergency-planet.comNFS 4|6Collection of pursuit vehicles, similar to nfspolicehq
www.nfs2003.msk.ruNFS 3|4|5|6Russian site with a nice selection of cars (Машины), tracks (Трассы) & tools
www.nfssupf.narod.ruNFS 3|4|5|6Russian site; Mirror or older version of
www.nfs.scorpions.czNFS 2|5|6Czech site with cars and tracks, some rare NFS1 track conversions for NFS2
www.nfs.gen.trNFS 3|4|6Turkish site with a nice selection of cars (Araba)
www.dippold.orgNFS 3Old archive of Markus Dippold with cars and tracks; site reactivated in 2017
www.gamefront.onlineNFS 4Mirror of former Gamefront site... with cars, tracks and tools, mostly Pre-2001 stuff
www.lonebullet.comNFS 4Archive with cars, tracks and tools; mostly older files around year 2000.
www.nfsplanet.deNFS 5|6German site with cars, tracks & tools
www.needforspeed.skNFS 6Slovak site with cars, tracks & tools
NFS3 ExpansionpackNFS 3Website of the NFS3 Expansion Pack with cars, tracks & fixes (Download as Package)
www.nfsstreetdogs.deNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Small selection of cars, tracks and demo versions - since Hoster-contract expired 97% of downloads deleted in Dec 2013
Le Royaume de XanderNFS 4Small French site with cars and tools
NFS ExperienceNFS 4French site with a bunch of cars and tutorials
www.leflic.netNFS 3Nice little site with some Pre-2000 cars - click the pictures to download
Luke's NFS3 pageNFS 3Small NFS3 website with tracks and cars (mostly by Ryuji Kainoh); partially offline
nfshs.gamebanana.comNFS 4Small site with some older High Stakes cars 3|4|5|6Russian site with cars, tracks and tools
www.nfsko.ruNFS 5|6Russian site, Categories from NFS1-NFS6 (and newer) but partially without mods
www.need4speed.ucoz.ruNFS 3|4|5Small russian site with a variety of mods, mostly utils
NFS ClassicNFS 3|4Small russian site with some useful files, several dead links must be expected
N4S TracksNFS 4Small site with some rare tracks; first 6 of 16 listed tracks are downloadable
www.nfseditor.deNFS 2|3Several mods and tools for NFS2 and NFS3 from year 1999
www.nfscheats.comNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Small collection of files throughout NFS series
www.drivingpassion.netOfflineLast chance for backups: Facebook / Discord / google-drive

Author Websites
Website                        Files            Description
VEG's BlogNFS 3|4Modern Patches for NFS3 and NFS4; essential when using mods or a modern OS!
JimDiabolo's siteNFS 4Tracks and Tools by Jim Diabolo, newest Expansion/Stock packs
NFS Rides CRNFS 4Cars & Tracks made by Ariel Aguilar Orozco aka AJ_Lethal
Keiiko's Pirate BayNFS 1|2|3|4Czech site with tools & tutorials made by Keiiko
Team RSR's siteNFS 4Projects of Freak-DS, Cooya! and Memphis plus recent Expansion/Stock packs
Memphis' siteNFS 4Cars made by Raphael Krempel plus projects/cooperations
Benjamin Trapp's siteNFS 4Cars made by Benjamin Trapp (gearFX)
Roby DesignNFS 4Cars made by Roby Design (alternate link - in case of display problems)
STD DesignNFS 4|5Website of Sergi and Alex; download cars, tracks & tools by various authors
Econobrick's CarsNFS 4A bunch of cars made by Econobrick
NetManiac's siteNFS 4Russian site with traffic-replacements (mainly russian brands) & sundries by various authors
NFS ToolboxNFS 3|4Developer site of Jesper Juul-Mortensen with essential tools
Zorro's WebpageNFS 4Some Cars made by Zorro and other authors, small track-section
I.C.E. DesignNFS 4Cars & Tracks made by Nick Iliff aka ICE in 2001
Oxi DesignsNFS 4Some cars made by Oxi Designs in 2002
John Kahler's siteNFS 4Australian site with some unique mods and lot of info; some links point to external sites
The Evil RealmNFS 4Website of PumaY2K with some cars
Halfmoon's WebpageNFS 3|4|5Site with some Hot Pursuit, High Stakes and Porsche cars
Ortwin1st's HomepageNFS 4Website of Ortwin C. with some cars he made
unBtable's NFS:HS SiteNFS 4Website of unBtable with his track "Canyon" for download
www.digitalthunder.comNFS 3Homepage of Digital Thunder with the DeTomaso Pantera he made for NFS3
2Torcs LabsNFS 1|2|3|4Information about NFS file formats, reverse engineering. Unofficial File Format Specifications.
Denis Auroux's siteNFS 1|2|3|4Home of FSH-Tool, T3ED and QFS-Suite (level as per 2002). Unofficial File Format Specifications.
4LoWeR ModOffline4Lower 1.0 mod with some unique cars & handlings (Download as Package)
Blazn MotorsportsOfflineCars & Tracks made by blaznmotorsports

Online Racing
Website                                Content          Description
IP-LoungeNFS 4|5Developer site of the IP-Lounge for NFS4 and NFS5, recent Expansion/Stock packs
H.O.S.S.NFS 4Statistics of online-races, lots of links and information.
needforspeed3.racingNFS 3Community site for NFS3 Online Racing, using Veg's Modern Patch Releases
German eXtreme RacersNFS 4German clan racing in various games, including High Stakes
LIX RacingNFS 4High Stakes racing team, hosting replays of online records
EA OutlawsNFS 3|4|6Online presence of EAO clan

registration required
aggressive advertisements - AdBlocker recommended
site navigation limited due to outdated plugins or damaged main page (use provided links)

Big websites and archives are starting at the top, continuing further with webpages of authors and other interesting sites. I also added a brief description of what you can expect to find there.

The bottom section lists sites that are no longer available at the web, but have been (partly) preserved by a webarchive service (like

You are free to post whatever you think fits in here  ;)

Comments/Suggestions/Notes are welcome.

Regards MADMAN


Beware, parts of these sites might not be available or files can be corrupted!

www.nd4spdworld.comNFS 3|4|5|6Once a large site with cars, tracks and tools - about 500 files have been captured
NFS G-BNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6This was the site of Giles Bett, mainly provided tracks and tools - ca. 120 captures
JP RacingNFS 3|4|5|6Site had cars, tracks & tools ... some exclusive content - 93 captures
Aussie Muscle's siteNFS 3|4Only files located at site-server preserved, many dead external links - 63 captures
RVD's SkinshopNFS 4A set of skins (TGA files) that fit on Sniper's MCO conversions - 32 captures
Ramm's siteNFS 3Czech site with some NFS3 cars (Auta) - 30 captures
Stiff'n'Roll ModNFS 4Stiff'n'Roll (later 4Lower) mod, only track pack archived (Download as Package)
Zacabeb's NFS siteNFS 4Some reworked track ini files and new license plate font made by Zacabeb in 1999
Electronic Arts FTP ServerNFS 1|2|3|4|5|6Public EA server with official NFS patches, demos, etc. (also MCO stuff)

☞  Files: try filtering the results - enter common archive types like .zip, .ace, .rar but also .exe files
☞  Only see blank page? Reload/Refresh the page several times.
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on: Apr 05, 2014, 11:45 AM
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Great work.Didn't know streetdogs is (partly) back.Never saw the french and tjech sites either.

Maybe: for online racers, but also for questions about SP/EP pack and HSmixer.

On you only see carnames, no pic's.

On Fangio's site I found the GTmod demo which I thought was gone forever.

Also enjoyed Madness on youtube.
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on: Apr 05, 2014, 3:48 PM
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Wow, this is some excellent work.
After your suggestion a few days ago I had been wondering if I maybe should have started such a therad myself, but you've done a much better job than I ever could, much respect.  :)
I said I would sticky it... so I did.

Yeah, I had discovered Lespittet myself, a pretty amazing collection (most of it pre-2001), and equally amazing it's still around (his NFS3 collection is even bigger)
But yeah, there are no previews and there's no credit to the authors (most zips don't contain a readme) so you have to guess a bit which car you're downloading.

I honestly thought GearfX was gone, guess I bookmarked the wrong url. Quite a relief.
PassatNFS was a site I'd never heard of, thanks for sharing.

Suggestions:  Site that seems to have been frozen in the year 1999, still holds several modes and tools for NFS2 (!) and NFS3.  Official EA ftp that still holds official patchjes for the older games, including the official addon cars. Looking around that server you may also find some official MCO stuff, as well as screenshots and movies (look under patches, misc and movies).
A single page with a few tracks and two cars, downloads still work.
I don't even remember bookmarking this, but to my surprise the downloads still work. I honestly can't remember if the tracks are any good, though, maybe I should try to filter by quality a bit.  :P  Home of Viv Wizard and NFS Wizard.

Will add more if I can find them.
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on: Apr 06, 2014, 1:48 AM
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Just tried Fangio's carpackage.Great pre war race cars, with nice dashes, which were only availible on streetdogs previously.Also VW Golf 1 by Gert Streidle, crappy body but surprisingly correct dash.

Downloaded a F355 from lepittet.Turned out to be crap, car had no interior (transparant windows) and bodycolors didn't work, and indeed no readme's.

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on: Apr 06, 2014, 11:43 AM
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@noise: Well, im not sure online-racing portals fit in this list but i guess it wont hurt to add them. So i will make sections for a better overview.
On lespittet you have indeed varying quality and a bad presentation but not everything is low quality (esp. if you keep in mind that most files dated 1999/2000)  :P

@Remko: Thanks Remko  :)
Your suggestions are much appreciated. Really interesting sites there (how I could forget about nfstoolbox   ??? ) ... the official EA server is also a good idea.

Also: I think its ok when i add JimD's dropbox folder

Keep it up!  ::)

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on: Apr 06, 2014, 6:06 PM
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Again, great job at organizing that list - I would be hopeless at that.  :P

Maybe Econobox' site would be worth a mantion, the one that Noise posted in the SOTD comment the other day - despite the fact that he's uploaded all his work here: or more specifically. was another good source I didn't know, here's a similar source, a filehosting service:
Again, most pre-2001 stuff, and no pictures, but at least proper descriptions and authors listed.
Tracks are in "Map-Levels-Missions", cars in "Modifications". Lots of tools too.
The site doesn't appear to have and NFS3 section, though. Not that I can find.

And I was thinking of mentioning this:
but I guess it doesn't really count since you can't download the files. The owner only offers you the option of burning you a dvd with everything, for a fee.  :(
Still lots of information on each file, even if most mods are very old and basic by todays standards.

Silly me, I forgot about site of Jeff, one of our own team. :mad: More specifically, this section:
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on: Apr 07, 2014, 6:52 AM
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Wow, thats quite a bunch of links again  :D
Duplicates are not a problem... I guess the vast majority of the files has been uploaded on the big sites but file-mirrors are a nice thing. And no website has everything.
Its good you mentioned Markus Dippold's site here, but i have to agree, makes no sense to add it.
Didn't know about the gamefront-folder and honestly never recognised the HighStakes section on  lol :-[

Very nice!

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on: Apr 07, 2014, 12:15 PM
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Again thanks for the update. :)
I'll try and see if I can find anything else, but I get the feeling this is pretty much it. I went through my whole NFS and MCO bookmark folder and mostly got 99 variations of "This domain has expired".  :|
Who knows, maybe there are still sites in other languages.

Ok, another one:
It's only a set of skins (TGA files) that fit on Sniper's MCO conversions. I'm really scraping the bottom at this point, but I admit it's still more than I expected.

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on: Apr 07, 2014, 2:21 PM
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Ok, added the MCO skins.

I found another russian website... they have a few files and you can download a NFS4 game installer (full game!) russian version?.
Not sure though if i put it on the list...
Furthermore i found this site: - sadly all car-links are dead there :(
What attracted my attention is the Bonus Boxster from NFS5 factory driver.

Anyone have this car for NFS4?
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on: Apr 07, 2014, 4:16 PM
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I think you could add the first site - it seems focused on the 'classic' NFS games, and it's got a few interesting downloads.

Here's another little site that is mostly focused on NFS4 online racing. Offers a few downloads, but for singleplayers there are some interesting descriptions HS' career mode, for example. Maybe for the third category:

About the Bonus Boxster, it looks vaguely familiar, but there were always so many Porsches for NFS HS on so many sites that I had a hard time keeping track of them, so can't help you there, I'm afraid. Maybe we should  start a "looking for particular addon request" thread as well.  :P

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on: Apr 07, 2014, 4:55 PM
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Hey, Remko thanks again for your involvement here.
This website gives a nice insight of the online-racing community (also much general info about NFS4) but the download section only consists of links to and

NFS Classic RU added.
STD Design added. (almost forgot this one  ::)) added. (Special thanks to ED9M !)

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on: Apr 10, 2014, 2:40 PM
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Nice work so far, thanks indeed to all who contributed.
As Madman said, the list wasn't meant to be exhaustive, but that doesn't mean we're not open to any new suggestions we may have missed. Feel free to name any.  ;)

(On a completely unrelated note, I decided to switch to a different set of emoticons because I really didn't like the current style myself - again, nothing set in stone, feedback is welcome. 8) )

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on: Apr 10, 2014, 11:51 PM
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Wow, the list is getting bigger and bigger. It's nice to surf around on (for me) unknown sites related to classic NFS games.

Get Stock & Expansion Pack from Magenta Cloud.

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on: Apr 12, 2014, 11:06 AM
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on: Apr 13, 2014, 6:55 AM
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Hey noise, these sites are a great addition. :D Totally forgot about Memphis' website, but it looks familiar now you named it  :P.
Nice find! added. added.


@Remko: i like the new emoticons but some are listed twice (undecided, sad, shocked, rolleyes, cheesy, angry) - Firefox 28


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