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General NFS / Re: NFSHS: Hardening Hot Pursuit Mode?
« Last post by zokni on Today at 10:16 AM »
Yeah, the tunnel bug is very annoying indeed  ::) It also happens when there is an obstacle in the middle like the divided section on Durham Road.

I think old NFS games aged well. I still enjoy HS as much as 15 years ago  :D

The topic you linked is very interesting. Too bad that VEG is not into coding NFS anymore. I don't know much about programming, but I guess with his help we could be able to implement some of those findings into the game. Maybe as an additional menu switch or linking it to difficulty. Eg: On champion level there are 8 cops and they drive better cars then your current class. This would make the game even more enjoyable for everyone. Probably add longer spike strips too as it was in III.  8)

I'm still thinking of how we could increase the number of utilized jersey barriers. Instead of the default 5/2 use 5/5, cause by default only the first 2 roadblocks have them and the other 3 use slightly lighter flares and acts as a dummy roadblock. And then the 6th starts over and replaces the first set somewhere else. And be honest, w/o barriers it's as uneffective as in NFS3.  >:(
Interesting that I had a bug once when cops utilized 3 set of barriers on a track at a the same time. No idea how that happened. Checked it many times and it's for real, three sets. It proves that using unlimited sets is possible.  ;)

A default difficulty increase pack would be nice too. We could start with Fox's patches and on top of that edit how the AI controls race cars too. So it would offer a much much more difficult challenge than the default champion level does. Of course it takes time to experiment with carp features, tho I firmly believe that the effort would be well received in the community that still plays/mods HS. This game has lots of potential if we can ever find out how and what to do.  =D
Is it possible for someone to add cars into Hot Pursuit 2? I heard that there was a guy who made a mod that was able to do just that.  (

How does one go about to extend the car list in Hot Pursuit 2? And how would a user do so?

Thanks in advance!
Help/F.A.Q / Re: Discord
« Last post by IT Master on Apr 19, 2021, 10:03 PM »
I second this. I can't seem to get into the discord server at all, even though I got a good internet.

What's going on?
General NFS / Re: NFSHS: Hardening Hot Pursuit Mode?
« Last post by Zalcus20 on Apr 19, 2021, 5:10 PM »
That's great, zokni! I'm happy this solved your problem as it did mine.  ;)

I've noticed those problems as well. The one that annoys me the most is the 'tunnel bug', where the cops don't turn around and chase you while going in a tunnel, especially a long one, like the Neptune Tunnel in Aquatica.  >:( I still have some hope that someone, someday will undertake this task, too.  ::)

I don't care that NFSHS is over 20 years old.  :P

Anyway, I see you are very interested in increasing the AI Cops difficulty.  :)
A few years back, a member, DrSpeed found a way to use NFSHS ghost files (.gst) to edit a race which required hex editing. We collaborated and made a cheat engine table to make it a little easier for everyone else to do on their own.
Using this method, we were able to increase the max amount of AI cops from 5 to 8. You can even specify which vehicle they drive!  We were able to do a few other things, too.  ;)
I'm posting the link to that topic if you are interested. Be warned that it is a bit finnicky to begin with, but with a little time and patience, you will get the hang of it:

Actually, this is the only way I play NFSHS now.  =D

EDIT: Forgot to mention: Welcome to NFSaddons!  :D
General NFS / Re: NFSHS: Hardening Hot Pursuit Mode?
« Last post by zokni on Apr 19, 2021, 2:25 PM »
Hi Zalcus20,

Thank you for your reply  ;) It was indeed what I was looking for.

I haven't noticed that cops driving slow is connected to night mode and headlights. It also happened when the track direction is set to backwards. So them driving slow uncommited I don't mind as long as they go after me with full speed  >:D

There are a few other things I'd like to change too, but they are probably hardcoded as you said or would take too much effort to uncover. One of those is cops utilizing help more frequently like in NFSIII  ::)

In HS the chatter goes inactive after the ~3rd cop joins the pursuit. So no more roadblocks or spike strips get requested. In NFSIII they always requested both no matter how many car were after you. The other is when you play as a cop and request a roadblock, your AI wingman won't abandon it even after the target vehicle is caught. When you play as a racer and get a ticket the roadblock called against you will be abandoned (the flares go dark slowly). This doesn't happen if you request the roadblock and one cop always remains busy guarding it  :P

All in all the above listed minor problems are not as important as the difficulty thingy was, but I hope they will be fixed in the future somewhen.

Thank you for solving the problem!
General NFS / Re: NFSHS: Hardening Hot Pursuit Mode?
« Last post by Zalcus20 on Apr 19, 2021, 8:59 AM »
Hello zokni,

I have encountered this bug many times as well.

Fortunately, someone made a patch a while back that fixes this problem.  IIRC, the author of this patch is Fox. The link is still available here on their google drive:

1. Open the folder labeled "Need For Speed High Stakes" folder and download the "NFSHS Crap.7z".

2. Extract the file and open the readme for further instructions. NOTE: You will only need the files found in the folder labeled "Patch -  Difficulty Selection" and don't forget to make a backup of your originals just in case.

BTW. It is recommended to use the VEG modern patch with this patch.

EDIT: I misunderstood your post. Sorry. I thought you were trying to fix the problem where AI cops drive slow at night (especially after breaking their headlights) during a pursuit. That is what Fox's patch fixes. It does not however fix the issue with cops driving the speed limit when not engaged in pursuit.

AFAIK, I don't think there is any fix or patch that exists for the non-engaged cops driving the speed limit. I'm sure it's possible to make one, but that would most likely require reverse engineering the nfs4 executable where possibly all AI data is stored. :-\
General NFS / NFSHS: Hardening Hot Pursuit Mode?
« Last post by zokni on Apr 19, 2021, 5:43 AM »
I've been playing NFSHS since it came out in. First, Hot Pursuit mode was really "Hot" until I got better at the game. Currently it barely offers any challenge sadly  :(

One of the biggest reason is a strange bug with AI police cars which I haven't really proved until yesterday. Let me explain:

Normally when they aren't pursuing someone, they always adopt the speed limit to a specified section. You can see that they won't shift up to the next gear, so they go with eg. steady 50. It feels like they always try to hold some distance from your car and not try to pull you over than during first two laps.

When AI starts pursuing you for the first time, they use full speed depending on their car abilities. After 2-3 laps or after being ticketed for the first time or other events (I don't have enough experience yet) AI police cars seem to get stuck into their idle mode. From that point whenever you encounter them, they start pursuing, but will not shift above gear 3 and will pursue racers with that max allowed speed. This makes them useless, especially in a 8 lap race. (can win easily with B class cars against BMW cops  :P)

I've checked the problem with me playing as the cop and the same happens. If I select the Police La Nina and let the AI control it, it will start pursuing McLarens with 50-80 km/h which is a joke after 1-2 laps passed.

I have the standard US edition and already tried out FR,DE version too and they produce the same AI problem.

Possible solution: In the EP there is a batch file which makes non-european police cars super fast. That's a half-solution, because I have no idea what has been changed, but works so far. The modified cars will always pursue racers with maximum possible speed. The only drawback is that the AI can't handle that fast cars so it often crashes them and after accumulating too much damage, they will go into the disabled state. So for instance on Kindiak Park the super fast cops are basically disabled after 3-4 laps. It's better than default, altough still not perfect.

My goal would be eliminating this nuisance and making pursuit mode challenging. I have very basic modding knowledge, tho I believe this problem is maybe related to how the AI part of the carp.txt is configured  ???

Has anyone else also noticed this or can try it out? Or is there already a solution?
General NFS / Re: Build by m619s (NFSU1)
« Last post by m619s on Apr 19, 2021, 1:58 AM »
updated the link
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Introduce Yourselves!
« Last post by Henry_Allen05 on Apr 18, 2021, 10:00 AM »
Ok, let's go...

Nickname's Henry Allen. I live in mexican lands.

I've been playing NFS games since I was 7 years old, starting with NFS3: HP and NFS: HP2 in PC. Thanks to those game I could know the existence of cars like Lamborghini Diablo, Ford Mustang and Chevrolet Corvette. When I got PS2, the first NFS game I played from BlackBox's PS2 titles was NFS Carbon, game that until this day I keep playing. In that platform I played both UG, MW, PS and Undercover. Later, I got the PS3 and I could play from HP2010 to Rivals, and latet got the PS4, and the possibility to play the latest NFS titles.

In the modding stuff, I started in 2018 doing some personal cars thanks to nlgzrgn's video tutorials, where explain the basics, the first car I made was a VW Beetle '63.

Outside NFS and racing games, I like to play games like God of War and Assasins Creed series (and other games from the same genre); I'm planning to play Detroit Become Human (I have the game, but for some reasons I haven't inserted the CD yet)... Oh! And I consider myself a bad player in FPS games.

In the real life, I'm just a simple guy who likes listen to music, play the guitar and bass, watch some TV series and collect some HotWheels.
General NFS / Re: Build by m619s (NFSU1)
« Last post by m619s on Apr 18, 2021, 8:17 AM »
I made the fatal mistake of not writing down the password... if I don't remember the password tomorrow, I will "rebuild" the assembly
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