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General NFS / Re: 4LOWER v.5.0.0
« on: Jan 10, 2020, 3:07 PM »

General NFS / 4LOWER v.5.0.0
« on: Jan 08, 2020, 1:34 AM »
4LoWeR 5.0.2 ^Delta^ Flake Fall
Finally the release for Human Controlled cars only. It has all 36 mod cars.
Known issues: 1) Car wont turn left/right when gas button is not pressed 2) All cars have spin-glitch, invisible when driving intensively.
Further releases may contain the Career adopted all AI handling and maybe contain  the less drifting edition for human controlled game.
Its ^DELTA^ further fixes may follow.
For proper use of this Mod read the Credits & Notices & Read Me. Proper keyboard layout is described as well.
Tuning, Cars Comparison is available also. The Traction Control/Brakes Assists not gives much, but  maybe it will help a bit.
The Traffic cars and police - werent touched. Its EA. In an future I maybe will add some.
The MODs that included in 4lower (art, gameart, menus) it can be used/mixed without my acknowledge.

Download link:

Update 1: Now the Cops is in native EA form. Several cars handicap fixed.
Update to v.5.0.2: Increased Slide speed and this is adds more grip and quickness. Brake acceleration increased and its adds more quickness. Couple other  parameters modified and its adds more quickness again.

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Dec 17, 2019, 2:37 PM »
Removed the Power Steering. Other fixes.

Updated Torque it is realistical to the game. Added more precision.

Huge update to 20 cars! Engine tuning, its much more accurate now. After, the new parameters ratio. In overal the handling is better than previosly.

The Grip now is Not the same to most cars again. More realism.

Audi TT, Bmw 635i, Dodge Daytona, Shelby GT500, Bmw 335i, Porsche Carrera S, Dodge Charger SRT8, Bmw M6, Vauxhall Monaro VXR, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ford GT, Jaguar XJ220, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Maranello GTO, McLaren F1. Pagani Zonda-R, Dodge Challenger SRT HellCat. Koenigsegg CCGT, Lamborghini Diablo VT, Aston Martin DB9R, Chevrolet Corvette C5.

Added: Dodge Challenger RT

(I aware of Highest turning circle radius. It made to bust the spin-glitch caused by a very high value of lateral car sliding. When playing intensively and did not crusing around, the glitch did not visible).

Link updated: Ungeneric fixes to most cars.

SFX (not updated)

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Oct 11, 2019, 6:10 PM »
HD Palette for Games v.6.7 + SFX (shadow)/Shadow is much more stable to most cars.
HD Palette for Games - is ballancing your monitor overall quality and colours.
get it -

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Oct 11, 2019, 3:13 PM »
I updated 15 cars to last state:
Audi TT, Bmw 635i, Dodge Daytona, Shelby GT500, Bmw 335i, Porsche Carrera S, Dodge Charger SRT8, Bmw M6, Vauxhall Monaro VXR, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, Ford GT, Jaguar XJ220, Porsche Carrera GT, Ferrari Maranello GTO, McLaren F1.

I aware of Highest turning circle radius. It made to bust the spin-glitch caused by a very high value of lateral car sliding. When playing intensively and did not crusing around, the glitch did not visible,
   Spark196rus and me played online several times - all is fine. Dont worry much about spin-bug. Think of how kicky the gameplay became. Hope you'll be enjoying. And I continue on other cars.

I Updated The link of 15 cars to latest state.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 2019HappyYear from rvorters!
« on: Feb 13, 2019, 1:49 PM »
Here is the mentioned High Stakes driver.

Any questions ? :)

Hardware, Software & Technology / Re: Something happen.
« on: Jan 04, 2019, 6:12 AM »
I'm Happy.

Now typing from the keyboard! What a great winter days it was. Seriously now.
Now Im ready to roll some.

Nvidia GTX 1050 (2gb 128bit) replaces broken AMD HD 6790 (1gb 256bit). That was the reason of problem (surprisingly to me). Windows Rating (surprisingly) is bigger now. previous GPU took 7.5 mark and now its 7.9!
After exploration of 3D settings and features of 3D image, I finally took (in january 2019) the Green bay side. Temporary of course, but im verry happy indead. Shift2 at full greed of cars was lagging previously, and now its not. HS runs like hell (because of the support plenty of 3d features that i never knew in 3d driver to increase overal and Old games graphics).
5 stars of 5 from me to Nvidia for work they done for some recent 4 years or so i dunno.

The Only point i miss is hot-keys for color correction directly in games and apps. It was helping me a Lot in many aspects of artistism (photoshop, games - especially - HS handlings  etc  ).

Thanks to people for keeping me on smartphone these days and comment. Now Im going deeply into myself!

Off-Topic Discussion / 2019HappyYear from rvorters!
« on: Dec 30, 2018, 7:10 AM »
Point1:  A new HS driver skeleton and face for future cars (the first attach will comes later).

Point2: my first time i able to listen a great song, its Tom Waits - all the world is green.

Point3: After listen to Tom, i have noticed that the TDU1 playlist is very large and fun to listen. So thats why a question - does it ?

When the new year will comes, non of tragedies will gone far (as always), but the templates of the most a beautiful peeps are often happen to be the same. So My wish is for global line of changing yourselves and other people. ...Be rich.

Point4: the last mention (to modders), what about Capture The Flag in HS. Whats your thinkings about this?

Hardware, Software & Technology / Something happen.
« on: Dec 28, 2018, 3:16 PM »
Hellou. I have misfunction on my desktop pc.
Something happen, the Gpu turns to ran its cooler on 100% at pc starts. Then its beeps 2 times nothing happening, its restarting... and again and again.
The processor cooler is almost dead and spinning slowly. However i tried to disconnect it and its same.
I have no idea whats causing it ! but i tryed another processor replace (lga775) - nothing, tryed other gpu - nothing. Memory switch - nothing.... so whats wrong with it ?

Im on mobile. Gotta wait about 6 days till holidays ends. Its for the first time since ever.

Freaking what to do and where to run. House is empty of anything.

Racing & Other Sports / I Love Sports
« on: Oct 28, 2018, 2:50 PM »
Hockey: I bet the Colorado will win "Stanley" this season, but its not what I try to figure out in this topic...

I know you but it is fine to me. (heeding) Oh well. Ive noticed how many leaders at (scorers, players) are raised at such early stage. No names, just my eye opened at that. / Id like to mention Football (soccer) too but, nothing I know about it in the internet. However, I spied for World Cup this year, and I supported the France and Spain teams. Lotta lags comes from of the beers I was drank. Was extremely fun and unfun per once (beside with PC). And gotta say 1 month ago I played it myself for a first time in real life, and knowing of what excactly this *** is for...

Snooker - Oh man...! Its been lost interest to watch it online to, since Spring. But its great sport! Indeed ***. Mark Selby by the way is representing my nickname at nfsaddons by the way. Me, I can speak about Snooker long, but wouldnt... / The Golf. Oh ***. All my clubs get *** this year. And did it absolutely for no reason. More over, I *** hited the tennis ball by the golf club called "woods" for more than 100 meters! Can you believe this ?? The acceleration of tennis and golf balls are very different. I might say that tennis balls x3 times dumber and slower! Also, since clubs are ***, was able to did same stuff with other staff - hazel sticks !

Thats all about the Sport. Though, is nothing to discuss about it to me with somebody, because I *** at details. I will just input here the slang and names that got to be mentioned (to draw attention) Lets try:
"ball spin"
"Kobe Bryant: which retire year, eh?"
"baseball ball go nuts"
"I dont like Forsberg. Dunno"
"The Snooker is in your house"
"Left leg, right leg"
"Im full of gifts. 1st place goes to longest woods on planet"
"I did Not consider GB as idiot! And award that knows who is GB is goes to Gary Bettman"
"I hope Alexey Ovechkin will loose another tooth this year"
"Man, what the ... is the rules of baseball?"
"The Snooker. err.. brown.. err yellow.. err blue. Jeez or maybe just a beer"
"Throw? Am I looks like *** ?"
"Ping Pong!"
Thats all I think. All I tryed to figure out.

Check this web:
Maybe will help. Sadly to say, all my files of P2000 is gone. But i might to wonder by the brains, whats cause your crash. Let me try;
    Local hardware: issue (Sli? Crossfire?)
    Windows register (settings): issue (Sli? Crossfire?) you can change gpu register volues using RivaTuner for Sli, or Ati Tray Tools v1.7.9.1573 for crossfire (to disable). Maybe other filters do have issues. / Also, for example, if you are using sound setups with "3d" or dolby surround filters for example it might crash. I have no idea:
    You may want to try an free Windows software for emulation OS. Or try all compatibilities for exe file.
    Also you might search (or ask people) to thouse who knowing an windows shortcuts commands: d:\nfs2000\nfs.exe -d3d0 or ...-d3d1 (im not sure... but in High Stakes it was worked).

    Other silly idea is to try an "3D-Analyze v2.36b" (or a newer or an older versions). I might guess this (program) can fix-things up in exe file. I might try to explore the "mip (or mipmap)" -filters on,off. Something i has in memories. Or anyother option. If you get success, you'll be able to figue out what is wrong.

Check "regedit" (by Run) for installed settings of the game trough register, which EA programers coded. It might contain the "lines" which you can remove completely if you see them wrong (i dont have them here). You able to post an screenshot like that:
It can be located by the adress [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\...
if you are using 64bit Windows.

And the last thing is - game options?

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Sep 11, 2018, 7:20 PM »
Thank you.
"what are the song-titles of the folk songs entitled "Show Ep4 1", "Show Ep34" and "Show Ep12"" its from (radiostation).

Nirvana potentially, is out of sync with racers, but its fun man (was) abd his music is be loved by even a womens. Its unique music,.. but yeah a little bit of "lack of something else on PC". Though there many other songs on my PC however.

I do have a 790 rocknroll ballads. But somehow I chose only 3 of them. Dont know, maybe because I thought nobody of Nfsfans is liking it (or even hate it). However, I did not know the people tastes. /// I really dont know what to say about that "creation", need a time the time will tell.
Excuse me for mess with last Koenigsegg CCGT, it was mess to watch on track recently. That things happen oftenly to me. So I fixed it;
You welcome the new Ratio and a bit different Handling model (Koenigsegg CCGT).

Need testers.
The speed modifiers is different now. The car becomes much more stable. Fixed brakes lag (I turn off the "YES" to "NO" in antilockbrakes par). The car still a bit like "steadiness" at full turn from stop, but much less dicky than it was. I think that for the one of the fasteset car in the game the overal look of handling is satisfying.

Any thoughts about "steadiness"?

Thanks again. You enjoy!

General NFS / Re: 4LOWER Intercom
« on: Sep 09, 2018, 6:45 AM »
Today I created The Alternate SoundTrack.
The list of songs is in archive.

It consists of: ost grange rocknroll folk, and I'll be happy add this one to 4lowerV5 someday. Leave a comment. (You known the 4lower original contain the sound of Wind & NHL99).

As I was tested it, it doesnt seems to be very fitting "the speed of..." whatever, but it very kind songs which one can keep up any men taste.
On Handling. There's a day which also gives me a chance to bring up the realistic "Gas Off Factor" value. Is - 0.289033 (defined on Aj's CamaroSS). Will see what I can do with that on next update. Any car wishes?

Not sure maybe its eye illusion, maybe not. GOF gives realistical (YES!) feeling (to even a car thst wasnt updated). Not sure!
For the Statistics lovers. Look at what was done to Engine\Gearing.
Thats what I called recently 97% accurate (from shift2).

General NFS / 4LOWER Koenigsegg
« on: Sep 03, 2018, 11:32 PM »
Koenigsegg CCGT

First Gear, AI, The Brakes Lag - All remains, except the perfection chasing.
(Nearly same bases)

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