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WiLLFebruary 20, 2020

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NFS UG2 Track Mod

NFS UG2 Track Mod

Hi There here is my Mod i Worked on a Month an few Week day's?
The Mod is about,Being able to see better at Night Time.
For people with worse eye condtions, like myself ::)

I Made New Wall Barrier's,well There Not a Stretched out Texture like before Looking.
In Pic's i had. It's them Orangish Block wall's, an other's. This Game does Stretch -
That wall Texture some, but when i made it an Imported, it it's not Stretched.. So
What all did i replace? i will List a Few Lines.

- Metal Pipes all Kinds.
- Wood Barks,an Tree Barks.
- Other Road side's Barrier's to be able see better at nite.
- Changed many Road Banner's above. (Like old spice an otheres)

- Changed a Few Ugly Building's i didn't Like.
- Ok Made a New Day-Blue sky-with Clouds :)
- New Rail Road track.
- Gold Plated Steel for that area )
- Changed a Tree an Bush's added to New area's.
- Changed much..added Better Looking Steel Beams.

This isn't Perfect the ends of the Sky Texture do not match a 100%-
Causes a Small Line in the sky.. Not a Big deal... Not worth Fixing.
I have used AJ's Lethal's Darker,Blue sky in this mix.
There is "No NITE Sky at all. I didn't want it so Dark Night.
If you want it real dark again,just use your Backed up LOC4DYNTEX.BIN For Dark Sky again.

The day Track drives,Races, are still Dark some.

Glitch's if any.?
Well, the New colored Dirt: i re-did an Changed Grass too. Some thing.. Happen - Some place :(
there is a Very Quick Loading of Purplish,Flower's?? on the - Dirt Roads,in the Boxcar Track: an the, Other Ones,Mainly in that Factory area. I Looked for this to fix it more. It's really not a Big Hassel.. I just coulden't find it. I went thru - all the Track Buns- To Find that 'Flare of Purplish Texture' But wasen't Finding it. Crazy Rite Ugh...

The Game does not Crash Out- from this at all. Is what i meant.

Giving Texture Credit's out now Too:
NfsFan83 for his Palm Tree an a office building. an Hard rock Cafe.

AJ_Lethal: For many PM's note's of Bugging him about How i do things :D
That was Helpful Much! Thanks Bro! )

Thanking Mike ann NFSAddons Staff for Uploading my Mod on there Great NFS Site!
All These Great Year's Now!! An Beyond i hope :)

Track Files Install To:
C:Program Files (x86)UG'2_GameTRACKS - In Tracks Folder All Files there.

Make Sure you Back Up your Tracks Files an all. and your Sky Files in LOC4DYNTEX.BiN File.

Programs Used: DXT.BMP an TexED, IFanView, Windows Paint lol Rite.

Author: WiLL

I Enjoyed Working Hard on This Project many Days!! An all i Tried to Improve it.I Feel i Have.
Please Respect all my Works,an Try to Enjoy it More!! As i do Too. Cheers an Happy Racing :)

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