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Acura NSX (NA2) [Add-on]

Acura NSX (NA2) [Add-on]
Added On July 16, 2020
Views 1,307
Downloads 159
Version Underground 2
Brand Acura
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File updated on: September 16, 2020

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This car replaces None (Addon car)

v1.99 Rev. B: fixed missing sound installation script.
v1.99 Rev. A: added check to detect FrontB modified by TexEd
v1.99: fixed wheels, added custom parts, updated .end scripts to Binary v2 version

converted from NFSPS


Can be customized with:
  • Bumpers and skirts
  • Wide body kits
  • Spoilers (includes 1 added custom wing with carbon fiber variant)
  • Hoods
  • Roll cages (under "Roof Scoops", paintable)
  • Mirrors
  • Exhaust tips
  • Rims
  • Paint (including engine paint)
  • Vinyls (includes debug map)
  • Decals (including hood decals*)
  • Cabin neon*
  • Engine neon
  • Nitrous purge
  • Custom added parts (appliable via debug car customization - needs Extra Options to use it):
    • Driver model (TOP slot - 5 styles)
    • Seats (DAMAGE_TOP slot - 4 styles)

*needs latest version of nlgzrgn's Extra Options to work
Other features:
  • Custom performance (optional)
  • Sounds from NFSMW and NFSPS (thanks to RaTT for the converted PS sound pack)


  • Make sure you have NFSU2 Unlimiter and Car Sound Tuner installed
  • Extract the zip contents to a folder
  • In Binary 2.1.0 or greater, click on "Launch Binary For Users"(left big button) and open the Acura NSX (NA2) [Add-on] Installer.end file. Follow the on-screen instructions and save when prompted.

Used tools:

ZModeler 1.07b | GIMP | NFS-CarToolkit 3.0 | NFS-TexEd | Binary 2.1.0


If you would like to modify and/or distribute this mod, please:

  • keep this readme file without any alterations whatsoever (in case of just sharing this mod around)
  • give me proper credit (AJ_Lethal) for creating the mod
  • Seriously, respecting those conditions is not hard at all. Unless you're terminally dumb or a shameless, talentless hack.

Visitor Comments

  • WiLL - 2 months ago
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    Hi AJ thanks for the mid July 'Freak Out' ) update here! Really looks great bud for sure. AJ as you may know, I'm out-Dated, as you know on installing car mods( an using the newer programs. Now days so do I have to use this Binary? one to install Correctly. an is this the 1st. Time? Ug2 has this add-on, as a car now. witch is cool. so all them programs work on win7 then. 

    I did just get the other program, for the language files. Labrune, what about this, Unlimiter? an Car sound tuner, have to have that also? well, just wanted say thanks for the Freak me out today! Upload works 🙄 😅😉😎 have a great rest your Summer Bud. as I'm trying to not get messed over anymore..( by them, that want to. heh, ugh. I still have to get my UG'2 working again. first. 😽😷😸

  • EvoX - 1 month ago
    User Date
    This is my favourite Honda of all timezzzzz ❤️❤️❤️🏁🏁🏁

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