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Rose's Porsche 911 GT2 (997) [ADDON]

Rose's Porsche 911 GT2 (997) [ADDON]
Added On May 24, 2024
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Version Most Wanted
Brand Porsche
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This car replaces None (Addon car)


Rose's Porsche 911 GT2 (997)

Converted from NFS World, Carbon, Undercover

and Most Wanted

Addon version



• Unlocked after beating JV #4

• Cost 250,000

• Fully customizable

• Rose's vinyl available here "Vinyls --> Body --> Body 01"

• LODs Parts (A to E)

• Supports body scratches and windows can break

• Working brake lights texture

• Proper performance and handling data

• Anti-theft 3D logo



• Body Kits

• Spoilers

• Rims

• Hoods

• Roof Scoops

• Paint

• Vinyls

• Rim Paint

• Window Tint

• Decals

• Numbers

• Custom Gauges

• Performance

• Tires

• Neon



• Ton Roosendaal | Blender

• Peter Mattis and Spencer Kimball | GIMP

• Oleg Melashenko | ZModeler

• nfsu360 | NFS-CarToolkit, NFS-TexEd, NFS-VltEd

• Arushan | NFSMW-ModTools and the Mod Loader

• MaxHwoy | Binary

• ASC/nfsu360 | NFS Texture Compiler Modified

• Imagination Developers | PVRTexTool

• Luigi Auriemma | QuickBMS

• Perfare | Asset Studio

• RaduMC | M3G2FBX

• Autodesk | FBX Converter

• EA Games | NFS Saga, Real Racing 3

• [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo a.k.a Saikou | Spending way to much time editing and converting this car 💀


Glory For Modding.

Visitor Comments

  • MaeveSterling - 1 month ago
    User Date
    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo1 month ago
    NFS Undercover????
    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 1 month ago
      User Date

      The main base is from NFS World, the tire and grill textures from Carbon, Undercover for the rims, stock spoiler, and brake light textures and meshes. And finally, NFS Most Wanted, for hoods and wide body kits 3, 4 and 5 if i remember correctly.

  • joridaqm1986 - 1 month ago
    User Date
    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo28 days ago

    Doesn't it replace any?

    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 28 days ago
      User Date
      Nope, addon car at the moment.
  • Cotar16 - 17 days ago
    User Date
    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo7 days ago

    It was built with the collision of which car? I wanted to know on the basis of which car it was built to change some parameters in the vtled improving grip

    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 7 days ago
      User Date

      I used 997S collision. I made no modifications, just a copy

  • Moeee - 7 days ago
    User Date
    [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo7 days ago

    game crashes when i open vinyl customization menu help (on redux v3)

    EDIT: i just applied the vinyl onto the car while having the mod disabled, now the game crashes instantly as soon as it loads the car. the vinyls are bugged.

    i wish this mod had the vinyl as a body kit option like dayz modder did

    edited by Moeee 7 days ago
    • [G4M]Famous-_-Ademo - 7 days ago
      User Date
      Yeah that's because you probably installed 1024x vinyls in your game, but since this car only has 512x vinyls it crashes the game. Sorry about that I have to update it but I don't have any time to spend on modding nowadays so I hate to say this but I can't do anything right now. Sorry bro my bad

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